20 Stress-Free, Functional, and Joyous Gifts For Someone Who Likes to Cook

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20 Stressfree Functional and Joyous Gifts for someone who likes to cook

I love to cook. This is one of my passions in life.

If you are looking to buy gifts for someone who likes to cook, there are a few things to consider:

  • Are they an experienced cook or they just started on the journey?
  • Do you know if they have all the essentials at home? If you believe they have, then you should get something that is special or they might not want to spend money on by themselves. E.g. for me, I want to get a crème brûlée set, but I don’t want to spend money on them as I don’t make crème brûlée every day. However, it is definitely on my “wish list”.
  • If they do not have the all the essentials at home, you may consider getting the gift from the below section: “Must-have Timesaving and Efficient Kitchen Gadgets”. Those are the items that are indispensable in my kitchen. They save me a lot of time and made my life so much easier.

I have put products that suit various needs in different sections below. Check them out!

I own almost all the essential items and quite a lot “cool and functional” items in my kitchen!

MUST-HAVE TimeSaving and Efficient Kitchen Gadgets

What’s more convenient than dumping all the ingredients in the morning and a steaming hot stew is waiting for you when you come back from work?

This Instant Pot is a lifesaver in a busy world. I use it ALL THE TIME!

Why I love this product?

More than 10 customizable programs – to pressure cooking ribs, stew, beans, rice, meat, yogurt, desserts, and more. Cooking a cake in it is so easy! I do it often and love the result.

Different size for different needthere are 3 sizes: 3qt, 6at, and 8 qt. You can pick the size that suits your gift recipient need.

Energy saving even stew could be done in less than 40 minutes. Before I bought the instant pot, it used to take me forever just to make the stew soft and I had to check on them all the time. This instant pot also have the “keep warm” function so your food is kept warm for many hours.

✔ Dishwasher-safe – for the lid, inner pot, and accessories.

Compatible accessories available – If you want to do more with the instant pot, you could get a compatible steamer basket or other accessories to go with the pot.

✔ Instant Brands Connect App – more than 1500 chef-curated smart recipes on the app!

Air fryer is one of the kitchen gadgets that I use all the time.

I love fried food, but cannot afford to have all the oils in my body.

One thing I like about air fryer is that you use very little amount of oil (or no oil at all) and still able to produce some delicious and crunchy food.

My favorite dishes to cook in air fryer are: barbeque chicken wings, honey glazed beef, fries, spiced cauliflower, and sponge cake!

Why I love this product:

✔ Compact enough but with big capacity – This air fryer takes up little space on your kitchen countertop but can still hold 5-quarts of cooking space which is suitable for 1 – 4 people. You can select the other model with more capacity for bigger family.

✔ 9 cooking functions – on a tempered glass display. I like the personal Shake Reminders (this is suitable for someone like me who always forgets to shake in the middle of the cooking course 😅).

✔ The dish is dishwasher safe – so your gift recipient can have time to do what they like rather than washing dishes!

If your gift receiver lives in an apartment or does not want to use the big grill in the patio/backyard all the time, this Hamilton Beach Electric indoor Searing Grill is an excellent choice.

Why I love this product:

✔ Versatile Grilling Temperature from 200°F to 450°F – you can grill many things. The maximum temperature is 450°F which let you sear the meat and lock in juices and flavor.

✔ Extra-Large Drip Tray – fits right underneath the cooking surface and could be easily slide out for cleanup in the dishwasher. You don’t need to worry the oil making a mess of your place.

✔ Nonstick grilling plate – keep food from sticking and it is dishwashing safe.

✔ Convenient window in the lid let you watch your food.

Le Creuset is famous for its high quality and color cookware. It is a brand you could trust.

I think each household should have at least one Le Creuset product 😉.

I have a few different types of Le Creuset products in my kitchen and I love them all !

Why I love this product:

✔ Great for slow braising or roasting meat in oven – after browning on the stovetop.

✔ Cook meat evenly – this cast iron sauteuse retains heat to cook the meat evenly to prevent it from drying out.

✔ Doom-shape lid locks in flavor – by continuously circulation of heat and moisture.

✔ Many colors to choose from – 10+ colors to suit your style.

I love fresh bread, but dislike the long and hard kneading part. I often get sore arms after long kneading (what a wimp 🤣)!

I have been using a bread maker for over 10 years and it saves me a lot of time and effort.

Why I love this product:

✔ Versatile – the bread maker does not only make bread but also dough, cake, jam, etc. I use it most often for bread and dough for making pizza and noodles.

✔ Delay start – what is more blessed than having fresh bread waiting for you in the breadmaker when you get up in the morning.

✔ Viewing window – helps you to monitor the process from mix, knead to rise, and to done.

✔ Removable Nonstick baking pan for easy cleanup.

I use this machine all the time and can’t live without it!

Why I love this product:

✔ Multifunction – waffle, sandwich, baking pans are interchangeable and removable for making dessert, sandwiches, grill meat and vegetables, and also can press Panini.

✔ 5 gears temperature control– for grilling diferent types of food.

✔ Heat up quickly – great for busy people. A hot press panini could be done in a few minutes.

✔ Easy to clean – can simply use a soft towel to wipe the surface and to rinse it, or simply put it in the dish washer.

✔ Safe – this machine has gone through various tests and certificate. It is also BPA free.

Sometimes what made me hesitate about cooking is the prep time/effort and all the cleaning up afterward.

If my prep time could be cut short, my cooking experience in the kitchen would be a lot nicer!

This ultimate chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Spiralizer, is a big help.

Why I love this product:

✔ 12-blade options – this pro set has 3 different-sized chopper blades, 4 interchangeable blades for slicing, julienne, grating & shredding, and extra spiralizer. It would save a lot of your time cutting and chopping and the end products look consistent and nice.

✔ Hassle free set up – just replace the blades and lock them in place, or rotate the blades while using the spiralizer. The design helps you to save time and space. The set could be nicely pack together for easy storage. So you can spend your time on other things you enjoy doing.

✔ Easy to clean up – the set comes with a handy cleaning fork for those hard-to-reach area before putting all the parts in the top rack of dish washer.

Garlic makes food taste great. However, mincing or dicing the garlic always gives me a headache.

When my hands touch garlic for a while, the smell stays on my fingers for many hours.

This mini garlic chopper saves my time and I don’t have smelly garlic fingers anymore 😆.

Why I love this product:

✔ Chop various ingredients in less than 10 seconds – press and hold the top button to start the motor and release it to stop. Voila!

✔ USB rechargeable and cordless – 3 hours charge of the mini chopper would last you for battery life up to 30 days.

✔ Strong cutting force – 60-watt motor and 4 hard and sharp blades to easily chop garlic, ginger, peanut, chilli, etc.

✔ Waterproof and easy to clean – whole body is water proof. The blender cup and blade are detachable.

✔ Food grade material – ABS material top lid, food grade PC blender cup, 304 stainless steel blade, and BPA free.

This Cuisinart CG5-5020 BBQ Grill Tool set with aluminum carry case contains everything you need for outdoor barbeque. And it loooks absolutely cool!

Why I love this product:

✔ Essential tools – chef’s spatula, grill tongs, digital temperature fork, silicon basting brush, corn holders, skewers, cleaning brush with extra heads are included in the aluminum carry case. It keeps all your tools organized in one place and it is easy to carry.

✔ Made with stainless Steel – durable and good quality tools which you could use for a long time.

✔ Long handles – keep your hands and arms away from heat.

✔ Digital temperature fork– it recommends your set temperature and would also alarm you so that you won’t overcook your meat.

The oil sprayer works particularly well spraying oil over food in the air fryer.

But it serves more purpose than just that.

Why I love this product:

✔ You can control the amount of oil used – especially for those people who are health catious and want to control the amount of oils they use in cooking.

Versatile – you could use it for vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, lime juice, sherry, or Marsala wine. You can use it for cooking, baking, grilling, roasting, and more.

✔ Safe – made with glass and BPA free.

✔ Comes with a rack – for you to hold the bottles together. It is non-stlip and anti-drop and easy to put on countertop or anywhere.

Cool and Functional Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Bring Joy to the Cooking Experience

I love watermelon but cutting or eating them causes a dripping mess 😅.

This water melon slicer is a winner.

Why I love this product:

✔ Hassle free slicing equal size watermelon cubes – just push the watermelon slicer tool into watermelon and the 0-2cm water melon cubes would come out automatically. They look so nice in watermelon salad 🍉 or fruit cocktail!

✔ Stainless steel blade – allow for quick and smooth cutting.

✔ Safe and kids-friendly edges – that are rounded and non-sharp.

✔ Nothing goes into waste – the watermelon baller helps to finish off the edge of the watermelon. How thoughtful!

Crème brûlée are delicious. What I love the most, of course is its signature caramelized topping which is crunchy and sweet. Eating the topping with the cream pudding underneath together is definitely heavenly.

Crème brûlée is not too hard to make if you have the right tools at home.

Why I love this product:

✔ All in one – comes with 6 porcelain ramekins that contain over 6 oz; a lifting rack, a “water bath” baking pan, and a recipe. Note: Torch needs to be bought separately.

✔ High quality material – wire lifting rack is made with 304 stainless steel to prevent rusting; baking pan uses non-rusty coated carbon steel.

✔ Convenient – the Remekins are oven, dishwasher, microwave, and fridge safe; they are also lead-free.

✔ Smart design – the wire rack fits perfectly inside the water bath pan and holds the ramekins above the water level to provide even heating while keeping your treats above the waterline.

✔ Makes more than crème brûlée – use them to create souffles, flan, and other sweet or savory treats.

A Butane Torch is indispensable for making Crème brûlée. It could also be used for drinks and other food.

Why I love this product:

✔ Safe – Safety is very important for flammable product. The safety lock prevents ignition accidentally; The broad base is designed to prevent falling over; the long angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard helps to protect your hand from the flame.

✔ Easy to use – you can operate the product with one hand and even upside down at any angle.

✔ Adjustable or continuous flame mode to suit your need – the adjustable temperature regulator controls the flame and the flame temperature can reach up to 1300°C /2372°F.

✔ Fits any brand of butane gas.

Note: The torch does not come with the Butane gas. Need to buy that separately.

Smart and proper kitchen tools make cooking stress-free and more enjoyable.

I remember the pancake batter was dripping everywhere when I used to spoon (by using a ladel or spoon) the batter into the pan.

Why I love this product:

✔ Mess-free and consistent size pancakes – simply squeeze the easy-pull trigger handle grips and control how much batter goes in the pan. The fail-safe value doesn’t leak so it won’t make a mess in your hand and your kitchen.

✔ Versatile – can be used to make pancakes, waffles, muffins, crepes, and cakes.

✔ High quality BPA-free plastic – the updated design does not break easily.

✔ 3-year guarantee.

Baking cakes is fun. It is also an art. A delicious and presentable cake could impress your family and guests.

Why I love this product:

✔ Comes with 3 commonly used cake pans sizes – 4, 7, 8 inches cake pans that could be detachable with use of strong clips. They are leak proof and non-stick double layer texture based pans.

✔ Multi-functional – can be used in oven, microwave, and instant cooker!

✔ Cake leveler included – the cake leveler is quite crucial to cut your cake evenly. If you buy the cake leveler separately, it is not cheap. This set is very good value for money as it includes a cake leveler.

✔ Bake all kinds of treats – the cake pan can be used to make all sort of cakes, tarts, and casseroles.

✔ There are many more accessories included in the set – piping bag couplers, icing tips, icing spatula, etc. helps to decorate the cake beautifully.

If the gift receiver wants to take cake decoration to the next level, this set maybe good for them.

Why I love this product:

✔ 6 pieces big cake nozzles and 36 pieces numbered nozzles come in a patent pending storage box – nozzle holder keep cake nozzles in separate chambers so they are well organized and could be easily found.

✔ Handy tools in one set – besides nozzles, the set come with flower lifter, flower nail, and cake decorating pen which are great choice for decorating cake and cup cakes.

✔ Good quality material – the icing tips are stainless steel and durable for long use.

✔ Dishwasher safe – convenient and time-saving

This is another high-tech gift which is quite popular these days.

This smart meat thermometer could help your gift receiver grill meat or other food to perfection.

Why I love this product:

✔ Guided cooking – guide you on the steps for cooking your favorite meat. Use their free app to monitor your cooking.

✔ Advanced Estimator Algorithm – tells you how long to cook and rest your food. It is important to know to pull out the meat to prevent overcooking!

✔ Wire-free – 165ft long range model and perfect for outdoor cooking like barbeque.

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? Making it home is healthy and fun.

Why I love this product:

✔ Convenient – you can create 2 quarts of frozen dessert in just 20 minutes.

✔ Multi-functional – can make icecream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

✔ Countdown timer and auto shut off – LCD screen, 3 settings with multiple speed.

✔ Great gift for others and self-use!

I don’t like to buy pre-packaged popcorn.

If I make it at home, I can use organic popcorn kernels and be able to control the amount of sugar go into the popcorn. Also, it’s a super fun activity with the kids.

Why I love this product:

✔ Super quick and easy – measure and add popcorn kernels to the heating chamber and press the start buttons. Watch them pop and done!

✔ Compact – Although the popcorn cart looks very cute, they consume a lot of space. This machine is small and can be stored easily.

✔ Comes with a recipe book – so that you can get your inspiration of making many different flavors and styles of popcorn.

If your intended gift recipient cook a lot, this Nutrichef PKVS Sealer will be one of the handy tools for the kitchen.

Why I love this product:

✔ Keep food fresh longer – buy fresh food in bulk size, seal them and put in fridge or freezer for later use is economical. Vacuum sealers could preserve food up to 5 times longer than zipper bags or container.

✔ Easy to use – control center is on top panel and digital buttons with LED indicator lights.

✔ 2 sealing modes– smart design to preserve the food based on their types (e.g. solid food items, steamed food, etc).

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