21 Must-Have Travel Essentials For Frequent Business Travelers

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I travel frequently on business and have learned my valuable lessons through the years travelling out of my home country.

It took multiple trips before I got things right.

Below are a few critical factors to consider when travelling on business:

  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Convenient and Practical
  • Safety and Privacy
  • Comfortable and Light
  • Essential and Reliable
  • Connectivity and Access

Below is my list of Top 21 Must-Have Business Travel Essentials:

Every time I travel or go out for a whole day, I make sure I bring my portable charger with me. Nothing feels more insecure than not having enough battery for your devices on-the-go.

Why I love this product?

High capacity – Its Ultra-High 20,000mAh cell capacity provides over 5 charges for iPhone X, almost 5 charges for Samsung Galaxy S10, over 4 charges for iPhone 11.  

Versatile – This portable charger comes with the trickle-charging mode to charge low-power accessories like AirPod, headphones, etc.  

Efficient – This charger has twin USB ports which allow you to charge two devices at the same time.  

Compact – The charger is slim and is just like the size of your phone. 

I used to bring a long power strip when I traveled because usually there are only a few outlets at the hotel and sometimes they are in awkward locations. 

The problem with power strips that have enough outlets is that it consumes so much space that I had to bring a bigger luggage because of that.

However, my problem has disappeared since I came across this Powercombo 6-in-1.  

Why I love this product:

Charge 6 devices at the same time – This combo charge has dual AC outlets, two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A PD Ports so you could charge up to 6 devices at the same time.  

Environmentally friendly – You only need one charger, hence cutting down the need to use so many power adapter materials like plastic, copper, tin, and zinc which are environmentally friendly.   

Fast charging – The USB PD can charge your iPhone 13/13 Pro up from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.  

Safety Protection – safety matters in electronic devices. This charger is integrated with 7 safety protection such as temperature protection, over-current, over-voltage, overcharge, overload, overheat, and short circuit, which gives you a peace of mind.

Lightweight – and compact, which is brilliant for traveling. 

According to the University of Utah, a second monitor can save an employee 2.5 hours a day if it is being used for all tasks, which is about 35% of time.

Time is precious and life is too short to use just one monitor 😂. Even when you are on the road, you don’t need to sacrifice your productivity.

Why I love this product:

Compatibility – It is compatible with devices like laptop, consoles, etc with 1080p High Definition resolution. 

One cord connection – supplies power and data (one cord requires Thunderbolt or DisplayLink USB-C port or you can use different power cords).  

Easy to adjust – Just adjust the SideTrack Swivel for rotating screen, adjusting the brightness, or using the kickstand.  

Super light – It weighs only 1.2 lbs and would not increase your burden.

I always look more tired than I actually am on video conference calls. Not sure if it is because of lighting or the quality of the camera on my laptop.

Nowadays, as we have more and more virtual meetings, it is important that we look our best no matter it is on Zoom, Teams, or video recordings.  

Why I love this product:

Adaptable – This lighting kit fits laptop, desktops & tablets and is not limited to only one type of device.

Beautify – The built-in frosted lens and white diffuser enhance your professional presence.  

Homologize – You can adjust the brightness and color to complement skin tones, color of your clothes, or the surrounding environment. 

Long-lasting – The built-in battery provides hours of use. If you need to use it for an extended period, just simply plug the cube light into the USB port of your power supply or computer/laptop.  

Have you ever used the headsets provided by the plane when you travel?  The music or movie audio quality is just awful.  

Have you ever used a pair of normal headsets without noise cancelling function to listen to music in the subway or bus? Your music just sounds worse than when you are at home or in a quieter place.  

It is because the headsets are taking all the background noise in and destroying the quality of your favorite music.  

This Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic is a popular choice for many people, for both listening to music or having a call.

Why I love this product:

Elevate – This industry-leading noise canceling with Dual Noise Sensor Technology would take your music to the next level.

Efficient – It has up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging (10 minutes charge for 5 hours of playback).  

Convenient – The touch sensor easily controls volume, activates the voice assistant, answers phone calls, and plays skip tracks.  

Long-lasting Comfort– They are designed for a long time. A lot of my friends are using this headset on long-haul international flights and haven’t complained about sore ears after wearing them for many hours.  

When you are in an unfamiliar place and do not trust the environment, you wonder if your privacy is being protected. 

Safety is an important factor for traveling and staying in an unfamiliar place outside of your home.

Why I love this product:

Functional – This detector can detect eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, wired and wireless hidden cameras, GPS locators, etc.

Powerful – It detects not only radio waves but also 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal, SIM card bug, etc.  

Responsive – The 5 levels of sensitivity allow you to find the signal source accurately.

Cool looking – This detector is lightweight and compact. It just looks like a pen, like the 007 spy gadget that Q makes!

Who wants to wear wrinkled shirts/dress on a business trip when you need to see important clients or attend important seminars or meetings?  

Some hotels provide iron but the ironing quality is not always good.  

This Steamer is easy to bring on trips.

Why I love this product:

All-purpose – This hand steamer works on all materials except leather and suede.  

Enhancing the shape of the clothes – Unlike traditional irons which press fibers down, this hand steamer lifts the fiber and helps to regain its original shape.  

Space-saving – It is slim and compact. It does not take up much space in your luggage.

The hot steam also removes foul smells and bacteria. It is especially useful when it is inconvenient to wash your clothes during a business trip.

The product comes in 3 colors – Black, Grey, and Pink. 

I always like my drinks warm (not beer! but like tea, hot chocolate, etc).

When I am at home, I would use a “plugged in” cup warmer to keep my drinks at the temperature that I desire.

When I travel, I would bring this Ember Temperature Control Travel mug with me so that I can keep my drinks at the temperature that I desire for a couple of hours.  

Why I love this product:

Control by the app – You can select your drinking temperature with the Ember app on your device. 

Adjustable – However, the Ember mug is still functional without connection to the app. The temperature could be set between 120F to 145F.  

Long-standing – One charge of the mug would keep your drink hot for 3 hours or all day on the charger coaster. 

Smart – The auto sleep function is smart. It could sense when to turn on and off. 

The mug enters sleep mode when empty or after 2 hours of inactivity. It wakes up when it senses movement or liquid.

Coffee is something I can’t live without. Sometimes when I travel, I can’t get to the coffee shop that I like or it is just too convenient to go before my first early morning meeting, especially when I am not familiar with the surroundings.  

Most importantly, I still want the coffee the way I like it because a right cup of coffee helps to set my day straight.   

Why I love this product:

Easy to use – The hand pumping requires a bit of hand strength, but it is really not hard at all. This newer version saved 15% pumping energy force than the previous model.  

Great size – Nanopresso is only 15.6 cm long and weighs 336 grams. This is great for traveling or camping.  

Compatibility – It works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard.  If you like to use capsules (like me!), you can buy the NS Adapter accessory separately to make the machine compatible with Nespresso original capsules or most compatibles.  

I tend to sneeze a lot in the morning or throughout the day whenever allergies hit! Air purifiers have become my friend to fight with allergens. 

Why I love this product:

Small and portable – The size is great for traveling or keeping in the car. (because I can’t bring my big air purifier with me anywhere I go!)

Effective – The air purifier has 2-stage purification, which captures up to 99% of airborne allergens.  

Stylish – The design looks so cool and you can either put it vertically and horizontally.

If you are like me, spend a lot of time finding stuff. This Tile Mate Essentials could save time and pain from finding things all over the place.

Why I love this product:

Multi-purpose – It comes in different forms – “stickers” can stick on objects; “mate” has a small hole to hang on bags or key holders; “Slim” is, as its name suggests, very slim so you can put it in your wallet or card holder.  

Use App to locate Tile – You can use the Tile app to ring your Tile when it’s within Bluetooth range, or as your Smart Home device, like Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, or Siri, etc. 

You can also use your Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location on a map. – You can add your contact information so that someone can reach you by scanning the QR code on your lost Tile.  

Great Compatibility – It is compatible with Android, IOS, and Smart Home.  

J.A. Henckels was founded in 1731 and it is one of the oldest brands in the world with a reputation for the highest quality and craftsmanship.  

Why I love this product:

Powerful material – This nail clipper is made with stainless steel with high-tech cutting edges in a slim and flat design.  

Flat – Some users put them in their back pockets and hardly feel anything.  

Award-winning – This nail clipper is famous for its award-winning folding design.  

Easy Storage – This nail clipper fits nicely in the compatible leather pouch. 

Portable – This is a slim essential tool for traveling and it looks so stylish!  

Have you ever gone on travel, you open your luggage and found out that your shirts are so wrinkled and you are bad at ironing or there is not even an iron in the hotel room?

This Brooks Brothers’ non-iron shirt may be is your solution.

Why I love this product:

Wrinkle-free all day – Brother’s non-iron stretch shirts come with a special finish that keeps the shirt wrinkle-free all day.

Save your ironing pain – it is great for someone who doesn’t like to iron or doesn’t have time to iron.

Keep your shirt intact during transport – This shirt does not leave hard folding lines even when the shirt is stuck in the luggage all day long.

Convenient – With these non-iron shirts, all you need to do is open your luggage and get the shirt out and put it on!

Epilator is one of the essential personal care products that I would bring with me on a business trip.  

One benefit of using an epilator as compared to other methods like shaving is that it provides smoother skin and you do not need to wait for the hair to be long enough to peel like waxing.  

Why I love this product:

Waterproof – It could be used in wet or dry.  

Smart light technology – It reveals the finest hair. Unlike before, which I had a problem with my previous epilator where I couldn’t really see the hair clearly at home, however; they are visible under sunlight!

Reduce pain – If I tell you it doesn’t hurt to use an epilator, it would be a lie. But the vibrating head helps to decrease discomfort.

This product is more expensive than other brands, but has more features. 

JBL is famous for its sound quality, and Clip is my favorite portable speaker.

Why I love this product:

Clip and go – This speaker is small. It is called “JBL clip” which means you can clip it on a belt or a bag and take it anywhere you go. 

Great audio – Although the speaker is small, it delivers big audio. 

Water and dustproof – so that you don’t need to worry about bringing it to the shower or the pool. 

Long-lasting Battery time– Each charge can give you 10 hours of play time, which means you don’t need to worry about charging it often.  

Come in many colors – My favorites are the pink one and also the silver one with gold and pink clip.

For someone like me who travels for business and leisure, it is essential to have a good travel pillow, especially when you spend a lot of time on a plane or a car. 

Or else you will spend a lot of time at the physiotherapist or chiropractors!

Why I love this product?

Designed by professional – This trtl Pillow is designed by mechanical engineers with the help of physiotherapists. 

Ample support for head and neck – It is a scientifically proven travel pillow to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright or by holding your head in an ergonomic position during rest.  

Soft but strong – Super soft fleece and comfortable cushioning surrounded the hidden internal support for your head and neck.  

Hassle-free – It is easy to attach to the handle of your backpack or luggage and it looks just like a cap! 

Light weight – It weighs only half a pound.  

Machine washable – you can say bye to your dirty and smelly travel pillows! 

I used to have my cosmetics and toiletry in a bag with only one compartment.

Every time I open my bag, my things are all out of space and it takes me a long time to find the things that I need. 

The more hurried you are, the harder you can find your things!

Why I love this product:

Sturdy – This bag comes with strong metal zipper pulls and double-sewn handles and seams.

This bag can be hung upright – using the metal hook (I used to have one with a plastic hanging hook and it broke in my first use…)

It has so many pockets – this bag has 18 vertical leakproof pockets, 10 elastic bands to hold your brush upright, 2 large zipped pockets, and a tall mesh section.  

Water and washing resistant – so your things inside would not get wet.

A functional backpack or carry on would make your travel life so much easier.

The more organized you are, the easier and smoother your journey would be.

Why I love this product:

Meets airline requirement – this is an approved flight size backpack which could be put in the overhead compartment or under the seat in flight.

2-in-1 Design – you could unlock the two buttons under the shoulder straps to turn it into a carry-on duffle bag instantly.  

Comes with 4 packing cubes – which keep your belongings more organized and neat.

Built-in USB charger – located outside and a built-in charging cable inside which allows you to charge your phone while walking or cycling.  

Comfortable wearing – The bag is constructed to keep you comfortable over hours of carrying.

Can slide over a luggage handle – the material is water resistant and the luggage belt on the back of the backpack lets you to slide the bag over a luggage handle.  

Have you ever felt dizzy or your face become deformed when using the make-up mirror in the hotel? 

Some hotels don’t come with a small makeup mirror and only have a big mirror on top of the sink. It is not lit up enough for make-up or proper shaving.  

Why I love this product:

It is bright – this mirror is surrounded by 72 pieces of bright LED lights that allow you to see clearly when applying makeup, shaving, or deep cleaning your face.

Easy Adjustment – you can adjust the LED light brightness by using the high-sensitivity touch screen function.

Rechargeable via micro USB.

Compact and Handy – it is compact, light-weight, super thin, and foldable. You can easily put in your handbag, backpack, or suitcase.  

It has a sturdy stand – which stands well on table, countertop, or desk. It is perfect for travel, home, or office.  

The risk of electronic pickpockets has increased over the years. 

Since it would be an absolute pain to apply for all the cards again, especially when you are traveling, it is essential to have a wallet that can safeguard your cards from skimmers.

Why I love this product:

Integrated RFID Block Technology – this wallet can protect your cards from unauthorized scanning.  

One click button – You can access your cards by just one click of a button. The built-in aluminum cardholder stores 4 – 6 cards depending on the number of embossed cards. 

Secured strap – The multi-purpose strap can strap your bills/cash in place.

Can hold many cards – The wallet itself could hold 10+ cards.  

Thin – it is only 0.59 inches thin and would not inflate your pocket.  

Top-grain leather – the wallet is handcrafted from top-grain leather and comes in 6 colors.  

What is more enjoyable to have your favorite drinks on the plane? Or bring it with you on your trip?

This is a splendid gift for someone or for yourself!

Why I love this product:

Designed by expert – the cocktail kits are developed by skilled mixology and craft cocktail experts so you can be confident about the taste.

Compact size – The tins fit in pocket, backpack, purse, or any types of bags.

Simple instruction – The kits include everything except for the liquor and ice cubes. On the tin, it tells you what exactly you need to make the perfect cocktail.

Bartender supplies included – fine cocktail napkin, bar muddler spoon, bitters for cocktails, etc.