23 Most Wanted Gifts For 9-Year-Old Girls

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Nine-year-olds are maturing emotionally and growing taller and stronger each day. They are becoming more cognitively advanced.

I recommend the below gifts to help the girls further develop in areas like social (friendship building), self-awareness (puberty and self care), identify (creating personalized items), and more.

My 9-year-old girl chose most of the items below.

When I was a kid, I love making crafts that are both pretty and memorable.

I love giving handmade gifts to family and friends to show them my love.

Why I love this product:

Comes with a bracelet loom – which makes braiding a lot easier.

Can create many varieties of color combination and different styles bracelets – There are 12 colors of bracelet threads and cartoon buckles and 7 different styles of bracelet

Compact package size – so you could take it on your road trip or plane ride. It is a good activity for girls’ hangout, birthdays, and sleepovers.

Unicorns are mysterious creatures and are very interesting to a lot of girls.

This Unicorn Terrarium Kit is also a night light, even though some people may think it is not a real Terrarium because the plants in there are plastic.

Why I love this product:

Help to unleash her creativity – she can layer the crystals, rocks, mushrooms, and plants in the way

Multi-functional – it serves as both a night light and a decorative item.

Because it is shiny – the crystals are sparkly and the mushrooms are super cool.

Easy to assemble.

Miniatures are cute!

This REAL LITTLES Locker + Hangbag is definitely one of my girl’s favorite miniature sets.

Why I love this product:

15+ assorted to surprises – for her to customize and decorate.

Absolutely gorgeous color – the lockers and all the purses or backpacks.

The locker works really well – it opens well and there are compartments to put different items inside, like a real locker.

It comes with stickers to personalize your locker– you can decorate anyway you want or you can use your own stickers to personalize it like a real locker.

The locker is sturdy.

This set is my girl’s other favorite set.

Why I love this product?

Comes with a mini Rainbow Colored Roller case (which could be open and put stuff inside) and a carry case.

So realistic – The bag can sit on top of the suitable like a real one.

Personalize your luggage and bag – with a range of cool holiday stickers.

15 Surprises inside.

The unicorn journal has a lock – so she can put her diary and secrets safe!

Note: The Toy suitcase set on UK Amazon is purple and not Unicorn theme but they are equally cool!

Girls like sparkling things (no matter big or small girls 🙂 ) This GEM DIY keychains set are fun to build.

Why I love this product:

They are Pretty and shiny!

Includes all the tools to build the keychains – the set includes a diamond painting stylus, a tray, 1 wax square and 1000+ colorful gems (Yes! It has 1000+ !!!).

The building process teaches patience and hand-eye coordination – not only will she need to follow instruction, but she also needs to put the germs accurately in the space.

Keychains can be used as gifts for her good friends.

Excellent Parent-child bonding activity – for younger girls. For older girl, they should be able to do it on their own.

This LEGO Friendship Tree House was released in 2022 and is one of my favorites of LEGO Friends set.

Why I love this product:

A lot of dynamic components – such as the swing, elevator (which can fit a wheelchair, how thoughtful!), windmill, and a slide

Many smart ideas – you can raise the elevator by spinning the turbine, rotate the railing to allow characters to climb up, and send the characters the slide, etc.

It teaches “Sustainability Living” – by getting the honey from the beehives. This is a great topic to bring about ESG.

It teaches inclusion – the elevator fits a wheelchair to induce an inclusive environment for the tree house.

Educational and fun – fun to build and to play and also could be used for grown-up to teach social topics to children.

This Crystal Growing Kit set is supposed to be for age 8 – 12 boys and girls but I want to play with it too 😛

Why I love this product:

See the crystal grow in less than one week.

Contains all you need in the package – Growing powder, clear seed rocks, growing chambers, light-up display and easy instructions.

Comes with 3 real gemstone specimens– including a geode, green fluorite, and blue calcite which grow into 3 amazing colors: Blue, purple, and green

Contains a Crystal Learning Guides – explain how crystals grow and more.

Night light display – This patent-pending light up display would show off your crystal in 7 single color modes, rainbow color mode and 3 brightness levels.

This Karaoke Microphone is great for kids who love to sing!

It is great for birthday party, talent shows, or just a fun day/night with family at home.

Why I love this product:

Comes in 4 colors – all of them are nice and shiny!

The voice change function is fun to play with – by changing your voice to a monster or baby would definitely bring your kid a lot of laughters!

Bluetooth connection – so you won’t be tripping over the cord when dancing and singing too excitedly!

Sing and record music.

The microphone is made with durable aluminum material – which intends to withstand falls, impacts, and crashes.

Pikmi Pops are very popular amongst girls at that age.

Why I love this product:

Includes 1 med-size sweet scented donut plush, 1 med size collectable donut case, 3 surprise items and a squishy Jelly Pikmi.

Smells good – the cute donut plushies smell so good, like cinnamon, chocolate glaze and strawberry Jelly.

Cool way to reveal surprises – Crack the center of the donut to reveal a squishy Jelly Pimi hidden inside.

Over 40 sweet scented DoughMis to collect – they are just simply cute and soft to hold.

Notes: At the time of writing this article, I can’t see the same model being sold on UK Amazon. However, they have the Pikmi Pops Surprise! Season 3 Mega Pack-coconut which is equally cute. Please check out the below UK Amazon link if you are interested.

LOL Surprise Dolls are popular with girls.

It released tweens Fashion Doll in July 2021 and is a new size.

The size is between LOL Dolls and Fashion Dolls.

Why I love this product:

Dolls are super fashionable – each set comes with one doll and there are 4 different dolls in this Tween (in Be-tween) series.

I especially like Gurl since she has fancy curl which are very classic. Gurl is about “pink” and “more pink”. It is definitely will be loved by girls who love pink!

The reusable packaging can turn into a bedroom set – which is creative and more environmentally friendly.

Comes with a paper “journal” that tells her personality and details – good for role play!

15 Surprises – great thoughts have been putting into all the accessories that come with it and you can definitely do mix-and-match amongst the dolls. It would be hours of fun to play with.

Who doesn’t like a soft, fluffy, bathrobe sleepwear in winter? And it’s unicorn comes in different prints!

Why I love this product:

Over 10 color and patterns. The color coordination is just stunning!

Soft and cozy – gives a sense of calmness wearing it. She would feel she is in her own safe world!

The robe has a built in belt – so it won’t be easily lost (I can’t count how many times I have misplaced my bath robe belt).

This is a Puberty Guidebook for girls. The recommended ages are from 8 to 12.

Every girl is on a different growth journey and my view is that it is often good to prepare your girls ahead of time.

Parents/guardians are suggested to ensure they are happy with the contents before passing the book to the girl to ensure you are comfortable with the messages there.

Why I love this book:

It portraits positive body images throughout the book. This is such an important message especially in our current world, with lots of advertisements and social media influence.

It covers topic more than just the body – but also on friendship, relationship, drugs, and alcohol so it could give more perspectives and topics which are relevant for their ages.

It is quite an easy read.

Could be used as a “reference” book for girls in case they have doubt related to any of the relevant topics.

I loved glowing in the dark items growing up. They look magical to me.

This glow in the dark Unicorn painting kit is double magic – unicorns are magical creative already and they even glow in the dark!

Why I Iove this product:

Comes with matching tools like apron, sleeve covers and mat. I love the thoughts that the end products are nice but also the tools that used in the journey are also color coordinated.

18 unicorns come with 3 sizes with 4 sets of primary and 1 set of glow in the dark paints, with accessories like glitter gel and sticker diamonds.

Variety of colors and sizes – would enable your girls to create many outcomes.

Very useful mat – it is big enough to serve as a protection from stains on the table and yet able to give enough working place to your girl to spread paint, tools, and the unicorn around.

The product is safe for children – as it is CE, UKCA, and ASTM certified.

This Happy Lolli 8 in 1 gifts is amazing.

I have read the description by the creative developer behind this Happy Lolli’s and am very supportive of her passions about the empowerment of girls.

Why I love this product:

8 individual presents wrap in 1. The set comes in 2 colors – purple and pink.

Need to perform a motivation task before unwrapping each gift – e.g. self-care, self-assertion, etc.

Adorable gift – the purple set comes with a soft multi-color unicorn purse and the pink one comes with a white rabbit soft eye mask. I want to get both sets for myself even though I am a grown-up!

As a grown-up, I realize that self care is very important to girls or anyone (I wish I could know it earlier in my life) and I am very glad that the intention behind the product not just focus on beauty but self care and self worth. Such as the foam body scrubber lets the girl clean up nicely during a enjoyable shower/bath time and helps to relax her.

This “Train of Thought” card game promotes real connection for family, friends, or couples!

Why I love this product:

Spark meaningful conversation – it could teach kids how to ask questions that will truly connect to people.

Perfect games for many occasions – such as family night, game night, birthday parties, sleep over, and team building activities.

Game players would know each other better after playing the game.

This strategic card game got several awards and one of them is the mom’s choice award! Mom’s advice is always golden, right?

Why I love this product:

Very easy to play – no complicated game rule (can’t beat that, right?)

Hilarious – you need to collect gross food and the names are just so funny (even though it might appear a bit to take in for serious people) and it definitely fits my boy’s sense of humor.

It was created by a 7-year-old – the thoughts and efforts that he put in creating this game is admirable. It also show case even a kid could be a entrepreneur.

Who doesn’t like a personalized colorful LED Marquee Letter Lights that makes up your name or personal message?

Why I love this product:

Change 16 colors and 4 different flight fashing modes.

Speed of flashing could be controlled – how smart!

Dynamic – you can create your own name with the alphabet or get more alphabet and create different messages for different occasion or just simply express your mood!

Vibrant decoration – which is not a “fixed item” that you could easily get bored.

I remember putting gem stickers on a phone case was very popular for a period in the past.

This time it’s a water bottle!

Why I love this product:

Every decoration is unique – a personalized gem sticker water bottle is not something you see on the street every day!

Would not mix up with other kids’ bottles in her class – usually kids have to put their name stickers on water bottles to avoid mixing up someone else in class.

Convenient to hang on school bags or purse – there is a handle and also a carabiner to hang the water bottle.

BPA free.

The bottle is wide mouth – so it’s easy to clean.

This Activ life Kid’s Flying Rings are claimed to be the world’s easiest flyers!

Why I love this product:

Super lightweight – with only 33g weight, these rings are a lot lighter than the normal flying diss, frisbee, etc.

Safer – the soft material would not hurt your fingers much while catching it.

Come in 9 colors.

Float in water – great for beach, pool, lake, and sea.

Encourage outdoor activities for kids – instead of sitting on the couch and playing on iPads all day.

This JBL Clip 4 bluetooth portable speaker is great for kids and adults. JBL is famous for its sound quality.

I bought this speaker for both my boy and my girl as Christmas gifts this year.

Why I love this product:

Clip it on and go – this speaker is small. The model “clip” means you can clip it to a belt or a bag and take it everywhere you go. I love hanging on my pegboard wall at home to put it exactly at the spot where I want my speaker on.

Small size but big audio – although the speaker is small, it delivers big audio.

Water and dustproof – you don’t need to worry bringing it to the shower or the pool.

Each charge can give you 10 hours of playtime – means you don’t worry about running out of battery in the middle of the party.

They come in a variety of colors.

This Lanqueen Kitty Cat Pendant Necklace would wow girls who love cats.

This pendant is a bit shiny but not too flashy.

Why I love this product:

Come in 4 different colors – all the colors are popular with girls. My favorite one is the multi-color meowing/smiling cat! It is just so adorable!

The necklace is made of good material – alloy with Sliver Plated, lead-free & nickel-free, Hypoallergenic and so you can have a peace of mind for your girl to wear it.

Match really well with the earrings. (Notes: they come separately).

We heard the saying, “May you consume technology but not let it consume you”.

Instead of letting your kid play on their iPad/laptop all the time, you can provide an opportunity and tool for them to learn to create something instead.

With Kano Computer Kit, the kid could make art, games, and music.

Why I love this product:

100 creative challenges and stories to code with.

Show the kids how technology work behind-the-scene – create something that impact others.

Different skill levels – beginners can make some simple thing and as the kid gets more experience and skill, they could expand to a completely different level.

Comes with lifetime care and 1 year warranty.

This Cold Shoulder Crop Top Ruffle Layered Top Flower Girl Skirt Sets looks absolutely gorgeous.

Why I love this product:

The set comes in 15 colors.

Nice color coordination – the matching color and pattern coordination between the top and the skirt is brilliant.

Comes with a necklace that matches perfectly with the set.

Can wear in 2 ways – it could be worn on the shoulders or off the shoulders.

Note: For those of you who do not want to show the tummy, you can wear a vest underneath it.

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