25 Inspiring New Beginnings Gifts To Encourage Someone You Care

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Every new beginning comes with a bittersweet feeling. You could be nervous and excited at the same time. Whether it is starting a new school, a new job, a new relationship, moving to a new town or country, you are leaving the “old” behind. 

Perhaps it is leaving a toxic relationship or a loved one, having a divorce, getting laid off, moving away from a familiar place, or retiring. Even though sometimes it is the right thing to do to start a new beginning, it could be quite intimidating. 

If your loved one is having a fresh start, support them as best as you could. Perhaps you should spend more time with them, listen to them, or send them some gifts for encouragement to show them your care.  

The below list composes of 25 inspiring new beginning gifts for your loved one. Each gift has a meaning behind it. 

1. Inspirational Wall Art

Thoughts behind the gift – A new day is a new beginning. There is new hope every morning.

This wall art reminds them to stay strong, live their dream, pursue their passion, never give up, and more. It is a powerful reminder should they need a little encouragement to face their new life.

Why I love this product?

✔ High quality prints on premium canvas – waterproof, UV resistant, and fading resistant.

Suitable for different decor styles – retro, modern, or contemporary wall art.

✔ Confident package – ensure your package won’t get damaged during transport or they will give you an exchange or refund.

2. Lukiejac Inspirational Quotes Desk Decor

Thoughts behind the gift: Starting something new could be scary, but remind them They Are Always Stronger Than They Think. Encourage them to trust in themselves.

Why I love this product?

✔ Solid Sign Of Encouragement – we all need reminder and encouragement especially when we are in a different stage in life, and start something new.

Versatile – can be put in many different places like office desk, coffee table, night stand, etc. as a brilliant home decor.

✔ Gift Ready Box – so you don’t need to worry about wrapping.

3. Double Sided Rustic Felt Letter Board

Meaning behind the gift: Create a personalized encouraging message that is tailor made to their current situation.

Why I love this product?

✔ Complete Kit With Pre-sorted Letters – sorted by color and size in three bags (large white letters, small white letters and gold letters) and 12 special cursive words designs.

Can Hang on a wall or put on the stand – to create a different decor style.

✔ Two sided and colored – to suit their home decor.

4. Balkwan Moon Lamp

Thoughts behind the gift: Moon symbolizes a new phase in a person’s life.

Why I love this product?

✔ Easy to use – switch On/Off or adjust colors by Touched metal point.

Charged by USB cable – lasts around 8 hours after 2 hours fully charging. The charging light will be turned on automatically when the charging starts and will be turned off automatically when the charging is completed.

✔ Can be used as a night light – the dimmable feature lets you set the level that suits you best while you sleep.

Different sizes to choose from.

5. Lamp Lava with Hand Painted Base Rainbow

Thoughts behind the gift: Just like a rainbow comes after rain, their life would be beautiful after a personal storm or difficult time.

Why I love this product?

✔ Vibrant color and motion which can enhance mood and be entertaining to watch for hours as “the lava moves”.

Real glass globe and hand spun aluminum base – not the cheap knock-off low quality version.

✔ Their lava lamps come in different shapes and sizes.

6. Lighted Birch Tree with LED Lights

Thoughts behind the gift: In some cultures, Birch tree silver bark peels from the tree just like paper symbolizing new beginnings.

Why I love this product?

✔ Adjust the branches the way you want – as the tree branches are flexible and can be reshaped.

Timer Function – battery powered tree has steady on, off, and 6H On/18H Off timer function.

✔ Spark creativity – the tree can let you add hanging ornaments. You can also add your personal encouraging and inspiration message card on them before sending it to them.

7. Butterfly Rotatable Scented Candles

Thoughts behind the gift: Butterflies represent transformation. A caterpillar in the cocoon trying its best to overcome challenges and comes out to be a beautiful butterfly. Such an encouraging message.

Why I love this product?

✔ Rotating butterflies – symbolize the butterfly freely flying to their destination.

Therapeutic – the thermal air from the burning candle rotates the candle holder and make the butterflies fly. Watching this motion alone helps to relieve stress and keep their mind relaxed.

✔ 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle – soy wax candle is cleaner and could burn longer. This premium rose fragrance smells so great!

8. COCODOR Daffodils Flower Reed Diffuser

Thoughts behind the gift: Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom when spring arrives and is a sign winter is over. They represent new beginnings, new life, and to celebrate what’s coming.

Why I love this product?

✔ Retains the freshness and beauty of fresh flowers – from Cocodor’s Mist Flower Farm.

✔ High quality and Safe fragrance products – Cocodor was founded in 2002 and it performs all processes from development to production and distribution, including oil mixing in its own R&D center and smart factory located in Korea.

✔ Smells so good!

9. HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Thoughts behind the gift: Water represents Life. In the Old Testament of the Bible, flowing or “living” water means lasting provision for his people.

Why I love this product?

✔ Quiet and clean – quiet and built-in submersible pump automatically circulates the water to prevent algae buildup.

Tranquility – the 3 tiers fountain depicts the sights and sounds of a calm and soothing spring. Therapeutic.

✔ Tabletop size – easy to fit anywhere.

10. Spa Gift Baskets

Thoughts behind the gift: Start Your New Beginning By Taking Good Care Of Yourself.

Why I love this product?

✔ 15-in-1 Spa Gift Set – contains everything they need for a nice spa: Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, 6 Soap Petals, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, 2 Jelly Bath Bombs, Body Butter, Bath Salt, Essential Oil, Shampoo Bar, Pouf Sponge, Shower Cap, Body Brush, Cloth Tote Bag.

✔ 100% natural tea tree essential oil – helps moisturize and soothe the skin and repair acne. It could help calm and relax while used in a diffuser.

✔ Gorgeous Gift Tote Bag – made of durable burlap and oxford cloth and can be used for any purpose: as a purse, grocery bags, etc.

11. Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Thoughts behind the gift: Let The “Happy Hormones” complement their new life with more happiness.

Why I love this product?

✔ Popular delicious snacks with variety: with more than 10 different tasty options with sweet and savory tastes.

Fresh – individually sealed for freshness with hand assembled in the US.

✔ Kosher Certified and personally message available.

12. New Beginnings Lotus Necklace

Thoughts behind the gift: Lotus grows in mud but gradually becomes the most beautiful flower as it build its way up to the surface. Symbolization: No matter what you are going through and how tough or bad the situation is, you will rise up like a lotus, beautiful and strong.

Why I love this product?

✔ 2 Choices – choose from shiny sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil.

✔ Beautiful design jewelry with new a beginning meaning that is uniquely textured by hands.

✔ Gorgeously packaged as a gift. You don’t need to wrap.

13. PRAYMOS 925 Sterling Silver Hope Cross Jewelry

Thoughts behind the gift: New Beginning New Hope. Hope is what keeps us going even though the future might be uncertain and the road might be tough.

Why I love this product?

✔ 100% 925 Sterling Silver – no Lead, no nickel and hypoallergenic.

Elegantly designed earrings and necklace set.

✔ Come with a silver polishing cloth for them to polish the jewelry.

14. Jewenova Strength Pendant Necklace

Thoughts behind the gift: Strength is needed to start a new life, a new beginning. In physic terminology, the definition of strength is the ability to exert force (measured in Newtons) in order to overcome the resistance.

Why I love this product?

✔ High quality – made of premium 316L stainless steel. No nickel, no lead, no rust and hypoallergenic.

Comes with a reminder message card that is full of wisdom.

✔ Appealing Minimalist design.

15. Nlife Bring On The Sunshine Graphic Tees

Thoughts behind the gift: The sun represents life. It also represent positivity, energy, and power. May their new life be full of sunshine!

Why I love this product?

✔ Soft fabrics made of cotton blend and do not shrink significantly in the wash.  Breathable and comfy to wear.

Come in Long-sleeves and short-sleeves.

✔ More than 10 colors to choose from.

16. 2-pcs Sakura Coasters

Thoughts behind the gift: The Sakura or the Cherry Blossom represent new beginnings and growth. The blooms are the earliest spring blooms in Japan. When the cherry blossom starts, people gather together outside to admire the beautiful flowers and celebrate a new season.

Why I love this product?

✔ Sparkling and fun design – there are shiny quicksand glitter in coaster. Shake it and the quicksand will flow slowly and glitting in coaster 🤩.

Eco-friendly and safe – coasters are made of acrylic that is good for insulation. They are also hard and drop proof to protect your furniture.

✔ Non-slip.

17. THE COMFY Original Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

Thoughts behind the gift: Wearing this blanket is like having a big hug from someone you love. It gives you warmth and security to go through your “cold days” in life.

Why I love this product?

✔ Wrap you up really good – can pull your legs into the plush fluffy sherpa to cover yourself completely, to sit down or move around freely and not dragging on the floor.

Super comfy – double layered with luxurious fleece microfiber on the outside and premium fluffy sherpa on the inside.

✔ So convenient that you wear it anywhere – outdoor barbeque, picnic, beach, and more.

18. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal (90 Days) (Inner World) 

Thoughts behind the gift: In a new stage of life, it is very crucial to keep your physical, emotional, and spiritual being in check.  Dedicated self-care can help you decrease stress, increase happiness, overcome challenges and negativity.  This journal can guide you and provide a space for you to reflect and get to know yourself better.

Why I love this product?

✔ Consider your thoughts and activities – assess how they affect your emotional and physical health.

Help you to develop a habit of integrating self-care and deep reflection into your life.

✔ Beautifully designed pages with soothing colors.

19. SassyCups and so the Adventure Begins Tumbler

Thought behind the gift: Adventure begins with their new stage of life! It could be a chapter when the most exciting things happen.

Why I love this product?

✔ Vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler that can keep drinks 6 hours hot and 24 hours cold. Also rust resistant.

BPA Free Shatterproof Lid.

✔ Screen print design so no vinyl and no peeling.

20. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Thoughts behind the gift: Zen tea is meant to provide a feeling of calmness and relaxation, at the same time, acts as an energizer and mood enhancer. Great gift for someone who is starting a new chapter in life and the tea could help them to achieve better.

Why I love this product?

✔ Double walled odor free glass tumbler – keep drinks cool or warm for much longer without sweating and leaking.

✔ Integrated food grade stainless steel filter – made brewing tea easy. The infuser can be easily installed or removed to suit your needs.

✔ Can brew many types of beverage – loose tea leaves, fruit infuser, herbal beverages, cold brew coffee, and more.

21. The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times (Global Icons Series)

Thoughts behind the gift: The message of the book is about holding on hope in this world that is full of trouble headlines everyday. Yes, hope is the reason that we hang in there even when we are tired and worn out. A great gift for your friend who needs encouragement.

Why I love this product?

✔ The author’s inspirational 4 reasons of hope – The Amazing Human Intellect, The Resilience of Nature, The Power of Young People, and The Indomitable Human Spirit to encourage you there are still reasons that we hold on to hope.

Filled with moving and inspirational stories and photographs from Jane’s remarkable career as a living naturalist.

✔ A book for all ages and readers.

22. A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage (A Year of Daily Reflections) 

Thought behind the gift: We all heard that negative thoughts impact our health and even can cause cancer. Positive thinking helps you to handle stress better and give you the power and strength to face your challenges.

Why I love this product?

✔ Power food to nourish your body, mind, and soul – inspirational and encouraging.

Short and easy read for each day.

✔ Transform your thoughts after reading for a while.

23. Plastic Succulent Pots with Gift Boxed

Thoughts behind the gift: Cactus symbolizes perseverance. Get these inspirational succulent pots, then choose some cactus to go with them. Present to your friend in person to show them they are strong like cactus that could withstand tough environments and the test of time.

Why I love this product?

✔ Ideal size for any small succulents. Note: succulents not included.

✔ Thoughtful design – the small drainage holes in the base keeps smooth water drainage and air circulation for your plants; 3 bamboo saucers catch water drips to prevent water from overflowing.

✔ Come in a beautiful gifted box with 1 mini battery powered copper wire starry lights.

24. 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge Cards

Thoughts behind the gift: Mindfulness has become a hot topic in recent years. Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and the world around you helps you to be more healthy. These 31 Day challenge cards help you develop a habit of mindfulness gradually.

Why I love this product?

✔ Designed to carry out easily even on the busiest day.

✔ Simple yet powerful practice to get you into mindfulness routine

✔ A good way to start the day.

25. Sleep Headphones With Adjustable Ultra Thin Stereo Speakers

Thoughts behind the gift: Bad sleep can cause chronic health problems and increase chance of injury. It can also make people grumpy. On the other hand, good sleep helps the brain to function better, get sick less often, and has many health benefits. Don’t let the external environment affect your sleep. This sleep headphone can help to improve your sleep and make you happier.

Why I love this product?

✔ 3D ergonomic technology for eye areas and block out 100% of light to create a complete dark zone. Per sleep expertd, darkness helps to stimulate the production of melatonin which is a hormone to help you fall asleep quickly and keep you asleep until you complete all sleeping cycles.

✔ Bluetooth stereo sound and built-in adjustable high quality speaker –stable connectivity and smooth transmission.

✔ Designed with breathable slow-bound memory sponge material – soft and comfortable.

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