28 Christian Gifts for Teens That Help To Grow Their Faith

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As we know, adolescence is a difficult period because of the rapid physical change and huge emotional development.

I read an article which says studies show that faith practices have powerful benefits for teens.

Quoting what Harvard epidemiology professors Ying Chen and Tyler VanderWeele concluded from their 8 years studies of 5000 adolescents, “for adolescents who already hold religious beliefs, encouraging [worship] service attendance and private [religious] practices may be meaningful avenues of development and support, possibly leading to better health and well-being.”

I have first-hand experience with that. I know how much my faith has impacted my decisions and gave me the support I needed to overcome various challenges in my adolescent period.

Support your teens or the teens around you to grow deeper in their faith in this challenging period of their lives.

The below recommended gift ideas cover the below categories:

  • Help them know God, also themselves, their friends, and family in a deeper way.
  • Guide them to make better decisions and grow stronger in their relationship with God.
  • Teach them important life lessons that they would benefit for the rest of their life
  • Relax and calm them
  • Remind them of God’s love and plan for them
  • Encourage them to stay strong, keep their faith, and do not give up.

I am using some on my own tween and teen!

Games to Spark Inspiration Conversation

1. Kulture Games Christian Culture – The Game of Christian Conversations

Sometimes it’s hard to have a deep discussion with your friends and family on various delicate subjects. This Christian Culture game helps Teens or anyone to get to know God better on a deeper level.

It is great for family night or fellowship activity.

Why I love this product?

✔ Non-competitive game – provides a loving and calm environment to spark meaningful and deep conversation that in a normal setting such topics might not be brought up.

✔ Love the 4 categories in the game – “Icebreaker”: quick and fun prompts to get the ideas flowing as a warm-up for something deeper; “Stories”: about people’s lives and experience. Testimonies are always powerful and encouraging; “Hot topics” cover controversial or questions or doubts that we have; “Interpretation” discussion scriptures.

✔ 10% of net proceeds from this game go toward educational and community development initiatives in underserved African communities to support a meaningful ministry.

2. 200 Christian Question Cards for Inspirational Conversations

Talking Point Game is created by Ben Jones, whose mission is to help family, couples, and friends unplug and connect with genuine conversation. Besides this amazing game for Christians, they are also games for family, couples, kids, teens, generations, support, perfect dates, and more.

Why I love this product?

✔ Created by professionals – experienced M. Div and Communication professionals with 10+ years ministry & counseling experience.

✔ Faith Journey Category – let you think back how God’s hands leading, moving, and working throughout your faith journey.

✔ Personal Belief Category – our personal belief is also shaped by our relationship and understanding of God. Example of question: “What do you value the most? Does the way that you spent time reflect this?” Reflection is important for our growth.

World around us Category – Until we are in heaven, we live in this world. How we respond to the world reflects what we believe. Example of question: “How should Christians respond when their faith is not aligned with the values of their country?”. Question like this prep you to deal with the world around us.

Bible Belief Category – talk about the fundamental bible beliefs like “what is prayer?”, “what is heaven”, etc.

Devotional Books That Help to Grow Their Relationship with God

3. Becoming Who I Am: Faith Devotional for Teen Boys (Bible for Boys)

“Who am I?” is a question that got asked all the time.

This devotional book is tailored for teenage boys who are in the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. It addresses the needs of a growing boy.

Why I love this product?

✔ Need-base and only takes 5 minutes – which is more like a guided book. The passage is short but powerful.

Each devotion ends with a reflection question – which prompts them to think more deeply about what they just read.

✔ 15 sections to touch on their identity (in Christ); their different roles (me, son, friend, man, etc.); emotions (angry, confused, jealous, etc.); stage in life (student, single, dating).

4. A True Connection – Christian Devotional For Teen Girls: Deepen Your Relationship with God and Start to Fully Embrace Yourself

This book helps teenage girls to build a genuine and authentic relationship with God.

Why I love this product?

✔ Practical Teen-focused advice – cover topics like bullying, identity, puberty, friendship, and more.

✔ I Love the Guided prayers – sometimes we all don’t know what to pray (is the Holy Spirit who utters for us). Guided prayer can help if they can’t even find words to express their thoughts and emotions.

✔ Encouraging and comforting messages – to remind her of the unchanging love of God and His character.

Quick 5 minutes read.

Journals to Record Devotional Notes and Prayers

5. Christian Art Gifts Classic Journal Be Still And Know That I am God Psalms 46:10 Floral Inspirational Scripture Notebook

Psalms 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God” is one of my favorite scriptures. You need to be still and quiet enough to hear God.

Let this journal helps them to put down their reflection (after reading His words), thanksgiving, and prayers. After a while, when they look back, they could see how far God has led them and answered their prayers. It is very encouraging.

Why I love this product?

✔ Absolutely beautiful – teal faux leather flex cover with silver edged pages. The page lines are golden, matching the cover page.

Different verse on bottom of each page.

✔ Paper quality is exceptional.

6. Christian Art Gifts Classic Journal Names of Jesus John 1:14 Bible Verse, Inspirational Scripture Notebook

Each name of Jesus has its meaning. E.g. Alpha & Omega: He is the beginning and the end.

As they meditate, give thanks on each of His name (Messiah – He is our savior; Lamb of God – He bore our sins and died, etc).

I think teenage boys would love this color and style.

Why I love this product?

✔ Brilliant art work on coverage page -Jesus’ names embossed and gold foiled and they form a cross in the middle.

Scripture at the bottom of each page to encourage reflection.

✔ The back cover has the Scripture from John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth,” embossed and edged by gold foiled.

Christian Calendars To Remind You of God’s Goodness Every Single Day

7. DaySpring Flip Calendar – God’s Promises Day by Day

I love quotes from inspiration leaders. Some quotes really resonate with me and explain God’s truth to me in a fresh perspective.

Why I love this product?

✔ Each page features reflection, great lessons, and encouraging words from some of the most influential speakers like Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Charles Stanley, and many others.

Compact size flip calendar that is convenient to put on desk or bedside table.

Start any time during the year – each page just feature a month and a date and can just keep on using it until done with the year.

8. Dayspring Flip Calendar – Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 

Sarah Young’s devotion is always able to move me in tears.

Why I love this product?

✔ Each day is written as if Jesus Himself were speaking to you – very powerful and personal.

The bottom of each page lists out the scriptures where the writing originated from.

✔ Perpetual – as there is only month and date (no year), so you can use it year after year.

Remind Them of God’s Blessings

9. Grace for Each Day, A Box of Blessings

One of the all-time favorite hymns, “Great is Thy faithfulness!”, the lyrics say “Morning by morning new mercies I see, strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,” = Grace for each day.

Why I love this product?

✔ Gorgeous designed box – color raindrops with the message 100 showers of blessing for your heart. Yes, His blessing is like a shower over us!

50 double-sided cards to turn the teen’s focus on His grace and blessings and cultivate a heart of thanksgiving.

✔ The lined message area on the back of the card allows her to write a personal message or encouragement to their friend.

Books That Teach Important Life Lessons

10. Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life

This life-changing book has helped millions of people, including me (and some of my friends). It completely released one of my friends from constant emotional turmoil that brought by her relationship with her boss and family.

Setting boundaries is very important. It is especially beneficial for teenagers who need to make a lot of decisions that might be impacted by peer pressure and the “norm”. This book teachs them to set healthy boundaries that they would benefit for the rest of their lives.

Why I love this product?

✔ This updated and expanded version speaks timely and relevant message in today’s world – learn from the book how to not let technology and social media intrude your relationship and your life.

This book answered a lot of tough questions – “Can I set limits and still be a loving person? What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries? What is a legitimate boundary?”

✔ Help readers to have a balanced life that is being responsible and productive but free of guilt. It really liberates you, and knowing the truth will set you free.

11. Make Great Decisions Christian Workbook for Teen Girls: A Practical & Biblical Guide to Choices that Matter

Free will is granted to us all, but we all have to face consequence from the actions or decisions we make.

Why I love this product?

Faith-driven prompts and exercise to complete – e.g. like writing a personal prayer, setting short- and long-term goals, and thinking about who their true friends are and why. It prompts them to think whether the choice that they make are wise.

Inspirational bible quotes with a passage from the author encourage the girls to make sound decision.

✔ This book helps to open an honest discussion with teenaged girls if they want to do the workbook together as a family.

12. A Young Man’s Guide to Making Right Choices: Your Life God’s Way

Quoting from an excerpt from this book, “Well, we both know what happened, don’t we? Somehow, at some time, for some reason, a wrong choice was made. Maybe it was just a little lie. Just a little shading of what’s right. Just a little bending of a rule. Eventually, as this happens again and again, there comes a day when making choices became all too easy. And it’s usually not until then that a guy realizes his life has become a mess.”

Yes, little by little, wrong choices are made one after another. Life has become a mess, like the effect of a landslide.

Why I love this product?

✔ This book focuses on topics that are the high points of a young man’s life and what matter the most, e.g. friendship, temptation and purity, school and social skills, why prayer and bible reading are essential, and more.

The examples of the authors are realistic, practical, and truly speak to the heart.

✔ Help teenage boys to make choices they would benefit for the rest of their lives.

Calming Coloring Kit for Teenage Girls

13. Creative Expressions to Calm and Inspire: Cards to Color and Share 

According to Mayo Clinic, “coloring is a healthy way to relieve stress. It calms the brain and helps your body relax. This can improve sleep and fatigue while decreasing body aches, heart rate, respiration, and feelings of depression and anxiety.”

During COVID lockdown period, painting was one of the tools that I used to calm myself. It is very effective.

Why I love this product?

✔ Bless yourself and others – the set comes with 44 cards with illustrated Scripture verses to color on one side and blank side for them to write any encouraging messages to themselves or others.

Cards are made from extra-heavy card stock – it would hold up well when colored.

✔ Perfect size to be used as a bookmark, put on a bulletin board, or fridge.

Beautifully designed patterns and designs.

14. Bible Verse Coloring Book for Girls

The bible verse coloring book has the same therapeutic and calming effect as the above item (cards).

Why I love this product?

✔ Memorizing bible verse at the same time coloring the beautiful page. As they slowly fill up the color of the pages, the bible verse would slowly permeate deep into their brain. As we all know, the words of God are weapons!

✔ Delightful patterns and calligraphy. The girls might use this to guide them in creating beautiful calligraphy on their own.

✔ Excellent paper quality and not the kind you find in the dollar shop 😆.

Jewelry That Symbolize Their Faith

15. 925 Sterling Silver Infinity Love of God Simple Dainty Faith Cross Dangle Earrings

Ephesians 6:16, “In all circumstances, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one…”

The ear rings would remind the teenage girls that Faith is like a shield.

Why I love this product?

✔ 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free.

Letters are visible so can see the word Faith clearly.

✔ Comes with mini cleaning cloth.

Great gift ideas!

16. AmorAime 925 Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Many Christians wear cross necklace as a representation of their faith.

Why I love this product?

✔ Brillant design with the heart over the cross – without love, there would be no cross needed. The cross symbolizes sacrifice and love.

✔ Made with 925 sterling silver.

✔ Comes in an elegant blue gift box with a soft cloth.

Lifetime warranty.

17. HZMAN Philippians 4:13 Cross Pendant STRENGTH Bible Verse Stainless Steel Necklace

This Cross Necklace is a wonderful gift for teenage boys.

Why I love this product?

✔ Clever design – book, chapter, and verse on one side, scripture on the other side.

✔ Reminds the teenage boy – strength comes from the Lord. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Comes with a durable stainless steel link chain made really suitable for active teenage boys.

Put On Your Faith

18. Fath Crewneck Sweatshirt

I have always wished there are more Christian fashion items to choose from. So whenever I see good design and message fashion items, I would buy them right away!

Why I love this product?

✔ Casual every day wear with two pockets (so convenient!).

Many colors to choose from.

✔ Comfortable material.

19. Jesus Is My Rock And That’s How I Roll – Christian Shirt

Jesus is our rock who can provide security and protection like a fortress.

Why I love this product?

✔ This humorous design speaks an unwavering truth – because Jesus is my rock, I could roll in joy.

Suitable for youth, men, or women.

✔ Many colors to choose from.

20. Christian Shirts for Women His Grace is Enough T Shirt

Another excellent designed T-shirt that would go well with jeans, shorts, skirt, or sport pants.

Why I love this product?

✔ As an encouragement – remind yourself and others that His grace is always enough no matter what you are going through.

Comfortable material. Light, but not too light.

✔ Many colors to choose from. Can buy a few and let the teenage girl wear this together with her besties.

Drink That Living Water

21. Jesus Is My Hero Christian Mug

Most boys and men are drawn to Superhero stories and movies. They wish they are the super hero and wish there are super heros in the world that can watch over and save them from danger. That’s what Jesus actually is – our superhero.

Why I love this product?

✔ Super design is so cool. Instead of “POW” and “BAM”, the power comes in the form of crosses. Brilliant message! Our superpower is the what the cross has brought us -Holy Spirit lives within me.

Message is also seen inside the mug “Jesus is my superhero” – not just on the cup!

✔ Dishwasher and microwave safe.

22. Christian Art Gifts Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Tumbler

He has given us a full armor to that we could be strong and firm in faith!

This mug reminds us we need to be strong and courageous in order to stand firm. Perhaps it’s something that we need to overcome. Perhaps it is some trail to go through. Whatever it is, we could do everything through Him who gives us strength.

Why I love this product?

✔ Stainless Steel Vacuum insulated – to keep your beverages hot or cold for many hours.

Retractable Sip Hole Closer to keep beverage from splashing or spilling.

✔ BPA-free plastic lid.

23. Inspirational Gifts 7pcs Unique Encourage Gifts

This 7 pieces gift set includes items that cover her physical, mentally, and spiritual side.

The bangle, essential oil candles, bath bomb help her relax and refresh physically and mentally. The message on the tumbler and message card touch on her spiritually.

Why I love this product?

✔ The Double Wall Durable Food Grade Material Tumbler of “I am” speaks of identity and character which are backed with bible verses – I am chosen, I am capable, strong, beautiful, and more.

Hand made soy wax scented candles – help to relax and calm her.

✔ The bracelet is adjustable and fits most wrist size has an encouraging phrase “God is within her she will not fall” in it.

Home Decor to Remind You of His Goodness

24. Yulejo 4 Pieces Bible Verses Wall Decor Psalms Scripture

Surround yourself with God’s word to continuously meditate on them.

Why I love this product?

✔ Made of quality wood material – these bible verses wall decors are solid and firm in construction, odorless, sturdy but lightweight at the same time.

Convenient to set up – there are 2 triangular hooks nailed behind the board for easy hanging.

✔ Fit for indoor and outdoor use. Can hang anywhere they like!

25. Throw Pillow Case Bible Verse Isiah 40:31

Every time I see eagles flying by, it reminds me of this bible verse and gives me strength to go through my day.

Why I love this product?

✔ Made of 100% cotton linen and bright color.

Soft to touch and comfortable to hold or lie down on.

✔ Beautiful design and calligraphy of the verse.

26. Throw Pillow Case Bible Verse Psalms 27:1

Similar pillow case with different verse and design. The mountains give a sense of tranquillity.

Many styles and verses to choose from.

27. BOOPBEEP Throw Blanket with Inspirational Thoughts and Prayers

That’s more comfortable than snuggled by this soft throw blanket with spiritual insights on it?

Why I love this product?

✔ 100% high-quality super-soft polyester microfiber.

300 GSM throw blanket that is light-weight which you can carry everywhere you go.

✔ 8 colors and styles with different messages to choose from.

28. Faith Hope Love Glass with Moving Flame LED

Faith Hope Love Glass with Moving Flame Set of 2 LED Candles

Let your faith, hope, and love ignited by this 2 pieces candle set. They never “burn out”.

Why I love this product?

✔ Battery-operated so that you don’t have to worry about open fire.

Looks like actual flames from the flickering LED light with a timer.

✔ The glass includes genuine poured wax and makes it look like a real candle.  

I hope the above gift ideas are useful to you. I pray that whoever the gift is going to – would be benefited from it and grow in their walk with the Lord.

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