28 Unique and Memorable House Warming Gifts They Would Actually Use

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Giving a housewarming gift is like saying congratulation and welcoming the person into their new home.

To me, what makes a housewarming gift memorable is that the gift would increase or enhance their sentimental feeling of home. It should also serve as a reminder what home supposed to be.

Of course if a housewarming serves the sentimental value and being practical at the same time, it would increase the chance of the gift recipient actually using them at their new home.

Below is my list of Top 28 Housewarming gifts.

1. Faith Hope Love Glass with Moving Flame LED

Faith Hope Love Glass with Moving Flame Set of 2 LED Candles

Since my first kid was born, it has hesitated me to light up real candles at home. I am afraid they would knock it off and cause fire!

This LED lit candles solved my problem.

In addition, what’s more comforting to see “faith, hope, love” got ignited?

Why I love this product?

✔ Battery-operated – More environmentally friendly and cost saving from buying candles all the time.

✔ Looks like real candles – the natural moving flame creates the illusion of real candles. The glass includes genuine poured wax.

✔ You don’t need to turn off before bed– the flickering LED light with a timer would help you turn off the candles so you would fall asleep with the candles in the background.

2. Battery-Operated 17″ Black Window Metal Lantern with LED candle

Battery-Operated 17

I always want to create a cozy feeling in my home by hanging up a lantern.

Why I love this product:

✔ Create accent lighting – soft flickering amber glow illuminates through the crystal clear tampered glass panels.

✔ Could be used in different locations – It could be used as a centerpiece on a dining table or hanging from the ceiling.

✔ Safe – Removable LED candles

✔ Convenient Timer incorporated – 5 hours on and 19 hours off.

Plants make a house more “alive”.

I love these 3 cute succulent pots the moment I saw them.

Why I love this product:

✔ Made with high quality and durable ceramic.

✔ Versatile – the plant pot is designed to grow petite plants or display artificial plants, herbs, fern, etc.

✔ The 3 pots display “Home Sweet Home” which make them perfect for house warming gifts.

✔ Comes with drainage hole at the bottom – to allow water drainage.

Note: Plants are not included and pots are for indoor use.

Besides plant pots, flower pots also work well for a new home.

Why I love this product:

✔ Who does not like encouraging words? The flower box is imprinted with the phrase “New Home New Beginning New Memories”. If it is their first time having a home together, you can get another style which says “Our First Home – where love will flourish and beautiful memories made”.

✔ Handmade heavy pine wooden box – comes with 3 mason jars.

✔ You can match the flower pots with their favorite flowers – I am sure you will definitely bring smile to their faces.

Note: Flowers are not included.

If you give your friend this set of bartender kit as a housewarming gift, you can ask your friend to invite you back to taste their cocktail!

Why I love this product:

✔ The items are made with 304 stainless steel – durable and long-lasting good quality stainless steel material come in thickness and weight.

✔ Each tool has its perfect slot– in the sturdy bamboo bartending kit stand.

✔ High-end display – the set looks so cool that it would suit any home decor.

✔ Come with 30 cocktail recipes and a walkthrough booklet.

Family tree represents family origin, culture, traditions, and more.

This blossom tree photo frame is perfect for displaying family photos.

Why I love this product:

✔ Made with high-quality durable bronze metal.

✔ Removable sturdy base– enable to wall-mount or stand on dinning cabinet or other surfaces.

✔ Includes 6 hanging photo frames which hold 2″ X 3″ sized photos.

✔ Can add more photo frames to the tree.

If you think the above Family Tree Picture Frame is too big, you can consider getting this rustic wall mount picture frame instead.

Why I love this product:

✔ You can use any photo size you like – it is not limit by the photo frame.

✔ Replace the photos easily by clipping them on the wooden heart shaped clips.

✔ Beautiful design – rustic looking handmade with wood grain.

✔ Meaningful phrases on the wooden plate to choose from – “Family – the one we live with, laugh with, and love” and “Together is my favorite place to be”, “This is us – our life our story, our home”.

Do you know it takes over millions of years to form an agate crystal.

They are absolutely gorgeous.

Why I love this product:

✔ Natural Beauty – each one comes in its uniqueness and size.

✔ Luxurious packaging – the coaster set comes in a luxurious box with golden lettering.

✔ Thoughtful – the set comes with 12 scratch resistant rubber stoppers for the geode coasters so you do not need to worry about scratching your furniture.

✔ An art in itself – This could be used a decoration besides its actual functionality as a coaster.

This is definitely one of my favorite blender set in the market and that’s why it has been popular for a long time and still is!

Why I love this product:

✔ Versatile – the Magic Bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds, and more.

✔ Easy to use – put your ingreidents in the cup and just simply twist your on the blade, line up the tabs and place on the power base. It is done in seconds!

✔ Take it on-the-go – Put on the Flip Top To-Go-lid on your treat and take it anywhere with you.

✔ Quick cleanup– simply rinse with soad and water. Cups are top rack dishwasher safe.

It takes me forever to open a wine bottle.

There were a lot of embarrassing moments in my life opening wine bottles 😂.

Why I love this product:

✔ Rechargeable – open up to 30 bottles in one charge.

✔ No more fighting with the corks – easily remove corks in 6 seconds.

✔ Easy to use – simply cut the foil, place the opener vertically, press the “down” button until the the cork is pulled out, press up until the cork is released. Viola!

✔ Comes in a 6 different colors– different colors come in different light. The opener just looks so cool on the stand.

Candles are mood-setters. They are also therapeutic to many people.

They could make a new home more warm and cozy.

Why I love this product:

✔ Made with all natural vegan soy – we know that soy wax is supposed to be non-toxic to promote cleaner-burning. It also burn slower and longer than paraffin candles. They could be burnt for 150 hours in total.

✔ Infused with ESNA top-selling fragnance – Aromatic leather & Tobac leaf, White Tea & Blue Agave and Wild Neroli.

✔ Luxurious – the decorative candles are topped with ESNA’s patented signature lid in gold, platinum silver, and black. The candles also come in a soft-touch black gift box.

One of my favorite house party is to sit with my guests in the patio with nice atmosphere lamps and good music.

This bluetooth speaker serves both purposes and more.

Why I love this product:

✔ 4-in-1 Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers – 4 functions: portable wireless speaker, atmosphere lamp, LED night light, and decorative lantern.

✔ Pair more than 1 speaker– it allows you to pair more speakers together to create more immersive sound for big outdoor parties. It could be sync up to 100 speakers!

✔ 3 lighting modes – flickering flame light, candle light, full brightness mode suits the need for different atmosphere.

✔ IPX5 Water resistance – stand up to splashes, spills, and light rain.

✔ 360 degrees surround & HD sound.

A cool coffee mug brings enjoyment to your day.

Why I love this product:

✔ The set of mugs come with cup lids and delicate spoons – the cup lids have a little hole so that you can put the spoon through it.

✔ High-quality ceramics and matte surface – easy-to-hold C-shape handle and non-slip mug bottom.

✔ Beautiful design – The black and white cup matches with gold words which says “New Home New Adventure”.

✔ Comes in a nice gift box– so your time and effort to wrap the gift.

This coffee mug warmer would go well with the above coffee mugs.

That way, you can always keep your beverage warm.

Why I love this product:

✔ Suitable for a variety of mugs – metal, enamel, ceramic, glassware, etc.

✔ Built-in gravity induction switch – no need to turn it on/off manually. Note: the weight of the mug needs to be at least over 1 lb. to activate the gravity induction switch.

✔ Keep your beverage at desirable temperature (131F/55C) – it won’t go too hot to burn your tongue!

✔ Indicator light – will be on when the mug warmer is working.

If you want to go for more high-tech gift, you could get a temperature control smart mug instead of getting a coffee mug and a mug warmer.

Ember is the world’s first temperature mug.

Why I love this product:

✔ Set your preferred drinking temperature – between 120 – 140F.

✔ Long lasting battery – maintain your desired drinking temperature for up to 1.5 hours, or could be warm all day when paired with the included charging coaster.

✔ Auto sleep function – the cup wakes up when hot liquid is poured and enters sleep mode when not in use. So smart!

✔ Safe to handwash – can fully submersible up to 1 meter deep.

This is another high-tech gift which is quite popular these days.

Why I love this product:

✔ Guided cooking – guide you on the steps for cooking your favorite meat. Use their free app to monitor your cooking.

✔ Advanced Estimator Algorithm – tells you how long to cook and rest your food. It is important to know to pull out the meat to prevent overcook!i i

✔ Wire-free – 165ft long range model and perfect for outdoor cooking like barbeque.

If your intended gift recipient is suffering from allergy like me, you should really consider getting them an air purifier.

I have a couple of air purifiers in my home.

Why I love this product:

✔ 3-stage filtration – with Vortexair technology.

✔ Filter 99.99% of bacteria and mold – dust, lint, hair, fibers, pet fur, bacteria, mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, fumes, VOC, and odors.

✔ View your air quality– the Vesync app display graph of the air quality as the laser dust sensor scans the surrounding air for airborne particles.

✔ Voice Command enabled – connect to Alexa or Google assistant to let you control setting hands-free when you are busy with your hands.

✔ Earned credential – Energy star and FCC certified, ETL listed, earned the German Design Award and iF Design Award.

Since I started using Essential oil, it has become something that I can’t live without.

It smells great, helps to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Why I love this product:

✔ Worldwide recognition – from top newspaper and tv shows.

✔ Wave diffusion technology – use modern ultrasonic wave to atomize essential oils for ultimate wellness.

✔ Can be used as an ambient light – 7 light modes with two intensity settings for 14 different light combinations.

✔ Auto shutoff feature – the machine will shut off automatically for low water level. It also have 4 timer settings.

✔ Come with their Top 10 essential oil – the oils are formulated using high quality plants sourced from various regions of the world.

I always turn on my fragrance candle warmer lamp as part of my bedtime routine.

Why I love this product:

✔ Safer than lighting up a candle – I don’t need to worry about the wind blow anything into my candle. Note: you still need keep it away from kids and pets as the bulb heats up the metal lid and lampshade is hot to touch.

✔ Easy to use– place any fragrance candle on the removable tray, plug in energy supply and wait for the fragrance to permeate your room.

✔ The designs look great– comes in 4 different style with different lamp shades and colors.

A beverage dispenser is indispensable for a house party.

I have reviewed quite a lot of beverage dispensers and this one is my top pick because there are a lot of thoughtful ideas in this design.

Why I love this product:

✔ Glass-like appearance – it looks like glass but is not glass. It is made with a durable crystal clear Tritan which will not shatter. It is also BPA free.

✔ Dripless faucet – so you would not waste so much beverage.

✔ Improved ice-cone – which you can take out separately and put ice in easily. A separate ice-cone means your beverage would not be diluted by the ice lost its flavor.

✔ Decorative bottom compartment – you can put anything in the bottom compartment to decorate your beverage dispenser or just put the ingredients to match your beverage, e.g. put lemon in the compartment if the beverage is lemonade.

✔ Come with a washable chalkboard place card – helps to identify your beverage with markers or chalk.

Beer tower is another indispensable item for a house party. You can ask your gift recipient to invite you to their new home for a drinking party 😆

Why I love this product:

✔ Sturdy – the clear plastic beverage tower sit on a chrome plated 3.5″ steel base.

✔ Easy pouring – features EX-pour spigot.

✔ Removable ice tube – love this feature! That would allow beverage to stay cold longer.

I don’t like to buy pre-packaged popcorn.

If I make it at home, I can use organic popcorn kernels and be able to control the amount of sugar go into the popcorn. Also, it’s super fun activities with the kids.

It is easy and cost saving.

Why I love this product:

✔ Super quick and easy – measure and add popcorn kernels to the heating chamber and press the start buttons. Watch them pop and done!

✔ Compact – Although the popcorn cart looks very cute, they consume a lot of space. This machine is small and can be stored easily.

✔ Comes with a recipe book – so that you can get your inspiration of making the best popcorn.

Since COVID, the time of working from home has increased for a lot of people.

This indoor relaxation tabletop fountain can help to calm and destress you.

Looking and hearing the water flow seem to be one of the most relaxing activities for me.

Why I love this product:

✔ Creating a Calming and Zen atmosphere – the 3 tiers water fountain replicate the sights and sounds of tranquility.

✔ Nice design – the lighting feature creates a soft reflection of natural river.

✔ Quiet and built in pump – automatically circulate the water and keep free from buildup of algae.

✔ Convenient tabletop size – can easily put on desk, coffee table, countertop.

I always want a fireplace. This portable tabletop fireplace would be an excellent substitute.

Why I love this product:

✔ Smokeless – fireplace without the smoke! You only need to use 70% or 91% Iso-propyl alcohol as fuel.

✔ Easy to light and extinguish.

✔ Portable and light weight – you can move it anywhere to create warmth and ambience indoor or outdoor.

✔ Flame lasts approximately for a good 40 – 50 minutes.

Cute light lamp is a good choice for house warming gift especially if the family has kids/teenagers/students.

We have one at home for my girl and she absolutely loves it.

Why I love this product:

✔ 2 in 1 Night light and phone holder – the toast lights use 4000k warm color light, warm without glare which is easy on the eyes.

✔ Rechargeable – 1200mAH battery and long-lasting power. Can easily charge it using powerbanks, charging heads, computer, etc.

✔ Improved ice-cone – which you can take out separately and put ice in easily. A separate ice-cone means your beverage would not be diluted by the ice lost its flavor.

✔ Adjustible features – you can tap the side of the lamp for on/off/auto; long press the foot pad to adjust brightness.

✔ Different faces to choose from – you can choose from funny smile, sleep, smart, or all-in-one faces.

I fell in love with this clear diamond shaped glass first time I saw it.

Why I love this product:

✔ Enhance your drink – the unique shape helps your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass.

✔ 50 degree tilted angle – and shines like a diamond. Love the design.

✔ Dishwasher safe – this lead-free glass is dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe!

✔ Comes with lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Flowers are a great decorative item for home.

A nice vase with pretty flowers make your house “alive”.

Why I love this product:

✔ LED lit flower vase – the base of the flower vase have 7 LED lights in the middle which give visibility to beautiful flowers even at night.

✔ Timer function – the LED light has timer function with 6 hour on and 18 hour off. If you want it to be on again, just simply restart the switch.

✔ Elegant design – the glass vase with LED light base is sitting nicely in a sturdy metal frame. It is just gorgeous.

✔ The metal frame comes in two colors (to choose from) – to match different flowers and settings.

✔ Made with upgraded borosilicate glass – more sturdy than normal glasses. Also chemical and temperature resistant.

Every home needs coasters and this coaster set is focus on “Home”.

Why I love this product:

✔ Thoughtful messages on each coaster – this is definitely a “warm” housewarming gift.

✔ Matching Coaster box keep coasters in one place.

✔ Sturdy – these coasters and coaster box are made with quality wood and well polished.

✔ Decorative bottom compartment – you can put anything in the bottom compartment to decorate your beverage dispenser or just put the ingredients to match your beverage, e.g. put lemon in the compartment if the beverage is lemonade.

✔ Two styles to choose from.

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