35 Fantastic Retirement Gifts for Women

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In my previous article, “33 Happy Retirement Gifts for Men“, I talked about retirement is a major change in life. Many people have a mixed feeling – excited but also nervous at the same time.

It often takes time to adjust. Some people might feel lost in the beginning. It is important not to give oneself too much pressure.

I believe everyone can find new purpose in different stage of life, including retirement. But most important of all, self-care should be on top of the list regardless of which stage we are in. Without proper self-care, slowly and gradually, our health (physically and emotionally) wither. Proper self care is the fuel for us to go further.

Regarding retirement activities, it is good to think of something that help retirees to focus on self-care, relaxation, but also something that can truly nourish their mind and soul and feel fulfilling.

Below are some activities for the retirees to consider:

  • Have enough relaxation, rest, and sleep everyday (this one is a must!)
  • Reach a health goal and exercise regularly
  • Develop new hobbies and interest or master old ones especially those can help to relax and therapeutic
  • Learn something new – a foreign language, a musical instrument, crafts like pottery or knitting, cooking new dishes, etc.
  • Work a part-time job
  • Volunteer at places like community center, elderly home, etc.
  • Mentor or teach someone something
  • Write a book or record a course to share your valuable experience
  • Spend more time with family and friends or babysit grandchildren
  • Travel around the world or to different states in the US
  • Get a pet or additional pets

Check out the below gift ideas which could make retirement more interesting, relaxing, and fun!

1. Urllinz 12 Piece Retirement Gifts

As a woman, I enjoy receiving bundled gifts or gift basket. I feel like I am not just getting the happiness of one gift but 12 times happiness receiving a gift basket with 12 gifts in it.

Why I love this product?

✔ 12 x happiness – the gifts are also hilarious: the set includes a retired wine Tumbler with a drink straw, straw cleaning brush, jewelry dish, makeup bag, comfy and funny socks, wine bag, keychain, wine stopper.

✔ Comes with a greeting card and a gorgeous happy retirement gift box. So you don’t need to gift wrap it.

2. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

I always like books from National Geographic. They are the experts and their opinion and information are precious. I am sure these 5000 ideas would be able to provide insights to the retirees where they want to go next as they have more time now.

Why I love this product?

✔ The book provides detailed travel information and also interesting facts about each state. It is packed with ideas for them to plan their travel.

✔ An excellent reference book that you can always refer to. Even though they might not go to each state, it would increase their knowledge and appreciation for the interesting facts about the states.

✔ Well-thought structured book – easy to read and find information.

3. Happy Retirement Bookmark

Love the design and meaning behind this cute retirement bookmark.

Why I love this product?

✔ Year of retirement and blessing message “enjoy the next chapter” on this bookmark that they are going to use in the book that they are going to read. They would think of you when they use the bookmark and encourage them to fully enjoy the next chapter in their life.

✔ Durable – made of eco-friendly stainless steel.

✔ Comes in a nice gift box.

4. Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier

Essential oil therapy is relaxing. It has many functions as well. It is a natural remedy for a lot of people.

Why I love this product?

✔ Wifi enabled and control with companion apps – on features like LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling, etc. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home and can use voice control with echo/tap/dot.

✔ UltraSonic Vaporizer more effective and healthier than traditional diffuser – creates 360° ultrasonic frequencies to instantly atomize water and oil molecules into the air which can prevent damaging essential oils during the heat diffusion process.

✔ 12 hours of continuous mist – thanks to the large 400ml water tank.

✔ Schedule your diffusing session – by using the apps to schedule certain time each day or certain days.  

5. The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self

You may think there shouldn’t be to-do list when you retire. However, keeping a self-care plan is essential because it requires intention. It is particularly essential for retirees to get to a “loose routine” which they focus on taking care of themselves. Retirement could be care-free, but it should be about wellness as well.

Why I love this product?

✔ 4-in-1 planner – gratitude journal, habit tracker, wellness fitness, and meal planner, and to-do list in one.

Track daily mood – allows the retirees to manage their emotion especially when the sad face lasts for a period.

✔ The planner starts with a six positive psychology researched steps designed to help them reflect on their current self-care practices to identify areas which can be improved and adjust in order to lead a better life with self care.

6. Funny Retirement T-Shirt

Give the retiree this funny T-shirt to make others (who have to work) jealous!

Why I love this product?

✔ Hilarious.

✔ Comfortable, lightweight, and classic fit.

✔ Many colors to choose from.

7. Dear Ava Infinity Retirement Necklace

I am sure any retiree could relate to the thoughtful message in the card comes with the necklace. During their working life, there might be some tough time but they made it through and retirement finally come for them. They deserve a pat on their back.

Why I love this product?

✔ Elegant infinity design suitable for everyday wear.

✔ Lead and nickel free.

✔ This beautiful necklace is packaged in a soft velvet bag for gifting.

8. HGDEER Natural Stone Retirement Bracelet

The thoughts behind the bracelet is what made it special. I am sure as the retiree read the blessings on the note card, they would be so touched and may shed some tears!

Why I love this product?

Easy to wear – bracelet is designed with elastic rope.

✔ Made with natural lapis lazuli stone and high quality silver charm.

✔ Comes in a nice pouch which is ready for gifting.

9. 200 Intergenerational Conversation Cards

This is an excellent game for retiree to play with their grandkids (if they have any) or family members. This is a game not just only for fun but truly connects them at a deeper level.

Why I love this product?

✔ Helps to build deeper relationship – comes with 200 balanced specific and open-ended questions.

✔ 4 categories: Growing Up, Work and Play, Family Life, Big Picture, bring back memories and also hope for the future.

Helps to create long-lasting bonding for the inter-generation!

10. American Trivia Game

Trivia games can help expand knowledge and improve cognitive skills. It is a excellent game for the retiree to stay sharp and at the same time have fun playing with their family and friends.

Why I love this product?

✔ Covers a variety of topics – geography, history, pop culture, sports, and general trivia.

Increase their knowledge on the US by learning about historical landmarks, tourist spots, famous people, and the pop culture, etc.

✔ 1000 questions so they won’t get repeated questions too often.

11. Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set

I have recommended this gift to retired men in my previous article, and this game is equally good for retired women so I have to recommend here as well.

Multiple studies showed that playing Mahjong can help people with mild to moderate dementia in certain extent. Of course, it benefits not only people with dementia but everyone playing the game.

It helps improve memory and concentration (e.g. remember what your opponents have discarded), recognize patterns, hand-eye coordination, improve social interaction (as you need 4 people to play Mahjong) and decrease depression (you usually talk about daily lives with people you play with). The game could take hours and it’s a good way to have fun and benefitted from it on a physical and mental level.  

Why I love this product?

✔ 146 scratch-resistant green tiles – even with repeated play, the hand-paint on the tiles does not rub off easily as the engravings are marked deep and bright.

✔ Portable Chinese-style carrying case so you can take it anywhere to play with your friends.

✔ Comes with an instruction book.  

12. Enesco Foundations Retirement Angel Stone Resin Figurine

Beautiful decoration that brings blessings to the retirees.

Why I love this product?

✔ The color of this figurine provides a sense of tranquility.

✔ The angel gives a sense of protection and companionship on their new venture.

✔ Great decoration for anywhere in the house.

13. Retirement Gift Blanket 60″x 50″

With retirement, the retiree has more time sitting on the couch and watch their favorite show snug in this beautiful blanket. The message “Don’t forget the difference you made” will often remind them the contribution that they have given and bring pride and a sense of achievement.

Why I love this product?

✔ Ultra soft and anti-shrinkage and wrinkles.

✔ Made of non-pilling fleece.

✔ Easy to carry – can be folded in a compact size to bring it to picnic or the beach or any outdoor activities.

14. Happy Retirement Cheese Board

Cheese and wine – perfect combination for the retiree to enjoy ! You can get a bottle of wine to go with this cheese board as a gift for them.

Why I love this product?

✔ Laser engraved words “May You Be Proud of The Work You Have Done, The Person You Are” on the cheese serving bamboo plate. Such a thoughtful design!

The set has one bamboo board and 4 trays – single tray could separate the wet and dry food and maintain the original flavor of the food.

✔ Made with Eco-friendly bamboo.

15. Mason Jar Farmhouse Planter Box – Never Underestimate the Difference You Made

Gardening is a great activity for the retiree. What’s more thoughtful than having beautiful flowers planted in a planter box with an inspiring message?

Why I love this product?

✔ Handmade heavy pine wooden box that is built to last.  

✔ Retro styling mason jar to display their favorite flowers (the set does not comes with flowers but you can get their favorite flowers to go with the box).

✔ Can be displayed anywhere – on the kitchen countertop, window shield, bathroom, dining table,etc.

16. SpiceBox Adult Art Craft & Hobby Kits Introduction to Calligraphy

We decreased our tactile experience when we type on phones or iPad. Calligraphy is believed to help stimulate neutron activities. It is therapeutic and an excellent hobby.

Why I love this product?

✔ A complete set to get the retiree start on calligraphy – comes with an instruction book, cartridge pens, assorted colored ink cartridges, dipping pen, practice pad, a bottle of black ink, gouache, brush, gift tags, bottle tags, note cards with envelopes.

✔ Sturdy storage box for all the supplies.

17. ARTEZA Dual Tip Brush Markers, Set of 100 Colors

Calligraphy could be used in journaling and often combined with a bit of painting. This is such an enjoyable and therapeutic activity. This 100 colored dual tip brush markers would give them hours and hours of fun.

Why I love this product?

✔ Versatile – could be used in journaling, lettering, blending, painting, scrapbooking and more. It is also great to use in those therapeutic calming coloring book.

✔ Dual-tip design to allow for precise and thicker details – flexible use.

Markers use water-based ink – do not streak or smear on any smooth surface and is quick dry and do not fade easily.

18. The Well Plated Cookbook: Fast, Healthy Recipes You’ll Want to Eat

It is important to maintain a healthy diet to preserve health and life so to enable them fully enjoy their retirement. Written by Erin Clarke, the creator of the smash-hit healthy-eating food blog. Her food blog has millions of readers.

Why I love this product?

✔ Fast and healthy – her recipes include ingredients like whole grains, healthy fats, and ripe fruits and vegetables to create great taste and maintain nutrition.

✔ Budget-friendly meals which ingredients could be obtained in any supermarket, market, or stores.

I particularly like clever recipe hacks which is convenient and interesting.

19. RFAQK 100pcs Cake Pan Sets for Baking and Cake Decorating

Baking cakes is fun. Cake decoration makes the cake presentable and more enticing. It takes time and patience to master the skill.

A delicious and presentable cake could impress your family and guests.

Why I love this product?

✔ Comes with 3 commonly used cake pans sizes – 4, 7, 8 inches cake pans that could be detachable with the use of strong clips. They are leak proof and non-stick double layer texture based pans.

✔ Multi-functional – can be used in oven, microwave, and instant cooker!

✔ Cake leveler included – the cake leveler is quite crucial to cut your cake evenly. If you buy the cake leveler separately, it is not cheap. This set is very good value for money as it includes a cake leveler.

✔ Bake all kinds of treats – the cake pan can be used to make all sort of cakes, tarts, and casseroles.

✔ There are many more accessories included in the set – piping bag couplers, icing tips, icing spatula, etc. helps to decorate the cake beautifully.  

20. ANTREE 3-IN-1 Pasta Attachment & Ravioli Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Homemade pasta tastes so much better and is healthier. To be honest, they are not hard to make if you have the right tool. It is also more economical to create the perfect pasta.

This Antree 3-in-1 pasta attachment is compatible with KitchenAid Stand mixers.

Why I love this product?

✔ Features with pasta roller and cutter: the pasta attachment rolls 5.5-inch sheets of pasta with 8 different thickness options.

Easy to use ravioli attachment, which really saves your time making ravioli. Simply fold the pasta sheet in half, then feed them into ravioli maker attachment. Pour the filling into the hopper. Slowly turn the handle. Voila! Ravioli done. So fast!

✔ Make pasta in minutes – you can do in batch and freeze them. Works great for busy people who still want homemade delicious pasta.    

21. Original Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Chinese dumplings are a very delicious food and there are a lot of recipe variations. They are getting more and more popular. As the retiree has more time, I think she could spend more time to learn how to make proper dumpling (the cheap mold would not satisfy a dumplings lover). It is also very fun. I make dumplings often and I just love making them.

Why I love this product?

✔ Easy to understand and practical step-by-step instructions so you will be able to make the dumplings successfully.

✔ Vegan, natural, Kosher, and gluten-free.

Endless recipes – you always can adjust your recipe after you learn the technique. The combination is endless. My favorite is pork, corn, and vegetable combination -you got carbs, protein, and fiber.

22. Crème brûlée Making Set

Crème brûlée are delicious. What I love the most, of course is its signature caramelized topping which is crunchy and sweet. Eating the topping with the cream pudding underneath together is definitely heavenly.

Crème brûlée is not too hard to make if you have the right tools at home.

Why I love this product?

✔ All in one – comes with 6 porcelain ramekins that contain over 6 oz; a lifting rack, a “water bath” baking pan, and a recipe. Note: Torch needs to be bought separately.

✔ High quality material – wire lifting rack is made with 304 stainless steel to prevent rusting; baking pan uses non-rusty coated carbon steel.

✔ Convenient – the Remekins are oven, dishwasher, microwave, and fridge safe; they are also lead-free.

✔ Smart design – the wire rack fits perfectly inside the water bath pan and holds the ramekins above the water level to provide even heating while keeping your treats above the waterline.

✔ Makes more than crème brûlée – use them to create souffles, flan, and other sweet or savory treats.  

23. Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (12 in x 10 in)

It is extremely interesting to take your own design and transfer into a product, whether it be T-shirt, coasters, curtain, and more. It is a hobby and also a way to make a small business.

Why I love this product?

✔ Adjustable time and tempature – can take on any heat transfer projects.

✔ Qucik and easy – advanced heat plate design with a ceramic-coated surface can heat up in under 2 minutes.

✔ Safe and certified — comply with standards like UL, CSA, FCC, or IEC standards.

24. SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle Making Kit

Soy candles are getting more popular. Compare to wax candles, they are considered to be more healthy (non toxin), eco-friendly, and could burn longer. Making soy candles is also fun for someone who enjoys making crafts.

Why I love this product?

✔ All in one all-you-need kit – includes packs of soy wax candle jars, tin cans, fragrance oils, dye blocks, wicks, glue dots, pipettes, stirring spoon, wax melting pot, and more.

10 dyes and dried flowers included so you could mix things up to create different styles and colored candles.

✔ Good quality wax, which makes it easy to melt and mould. Comes with easy to follow instructions.

25. DilaBee Soap Making Kit Includes All Soap Making Supplies

Another fun and therapeutic activity is to make soap. After making such nice soap, the retiree could have an enjoyable bathtime with her own creation.

Why I love this product?

✔ A complete set includes all soap accessories and soap making supplies: shea butter soap base, 4 essential oils for soap making , 4 liquid dyes, 2 plastic molds, a pouring pitcher, 2 stirring sticks, and a mixing bowl.

✔ Comes with 4 soap boxes so that the retiree can give it to family and friends as a gift as well.

✔ 2 soap mold variations to choose from – standard shapes or flower designs.

Simply beautiful and smells so good with the essential oils.

26. 73 Piece Crochet Kit with Crochet Hooks Yarn Set

This 73 piece crochet kit is great for someone who hasn’t done crochet before but is interested in doing so. It includes a complete set of materials and tools for them to start with this amazing hobby. The end products are exceptional gifts for their grandchildren, family, or friends.

Why I love this product?

A colorful, complete crochet kit comes with 15 skeins of crochet yarn, 21 crochet hooks, and 37 bonus crochet accessories. 

✔ Super soft acrylic yarn that are so comfortable to hold.

✔ Comes with a cute tote bag for storage or travelling. Also, could use it for running errands and groceries.

27. Pott’d™ Home Air-Dry Clay Pottery Kit

Clay making is another relaxing and therapeutic activity. It is also fun and the end products are practical and decorative at the same time.

Why I love this product?

✔ No kiln required – the kit comes with 2x 1kg bags of premium air-dry clay. They are soft and supple. Dries without cracking within 1 to 2 days.

✔ Can make a bunch of wonderful creations – enough to make 8-10 average sized, or 2-4 large creations.

✔ Comes with glitter paints that make your creation sparkling and shiny! In addition, the special gloss varnish provides the professional shine and protection to your creation.

28. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer Bundle

Hard copy of photos are good for decoration, or make a scrapbook. To me, a Polaroid camera is too big to carry around all the time. Most pictures nowadays are taken by cell phone. This Instax Mini Link Smart phone printer is so easy to use and could print out the pictures anytime, anywhere.

Why I love this product?

✔ Easy to set up and connect – connect it wirelessly to your cellphone and simply download the Instax Mini Link App and print photos. It is that simple.

✔ Personalize your photo – the instaxAir feature lets you can add doodles or shape to your photo. You can also add frames, stickers, or sketches.

✔ So small that you can carry anywhere with you – similar to the size of a regular sized hand and weigh only 1lb. 

29. RECUTMS Our Adventure Book with Gift Box

For someone who likes craft, this scrapbook style photo album is an excellent project. You can bundle the Fuji printer above with this scrapbook to make it a gift set for the retiree.

It is a very rewarding process of reliving the joyous memories by working on the photos and beautifying and decorating them.

Why I love this product?

✔ Can hold lots of photos – 40 sheets (80 pages) blank thick cardboard kraft pages. It could hold more than 160 of 4 x 6 inches photos.

Beautiful design – the cover has embossed letters “our adventure book” and the color of the album gives a rustic look.

Flexible -since the photo album is tied with a gorgeous rope, they can freely add or reduce pages according to their needs.

30. Knaid Vintage Scrapbook Supplies Pack (200 Pieces)

The scrapbook supplies might not be enough in the above set to make the whole album. This vintage scrapbook supplies pack is a good supplement. It also makes the scrapbook/album more abundant in colors and designs.

Why I love this product?

✔ A comprehensive collection of a variety of vintage style journal accessories – assorted paper and sticker ephemera kit, matte writing paper and translucent Washi stickers.

Beautiful designs and the different combinations give endless creations.

31. Window Herb Garden – Indoor 9 Herb Starter Kit

Using herbs to cook is a more healthy alternative as compared to using salt. For someone who does not have a big garden or simply just want to grow their herbs indoor, this cute herb starter kit is an excellent choice.

Why I love this product?

✔ The 9 Pots are reusable (economical and environmentally friendly) – they have sufficient drainage and practical drip trays.

9 packs of popular herbs that are tested and sourced in the U.S.A. – Dill, Basil, Chives, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Cilantro, Sage, & Mustard.

Comes with 9 bamboo markers so they can clearly label their herbs. The growing guide provide comprehensive instruction for growing the herbs.

32. Bonsai Tree Kit

Personally, I really like Bonsai. To me, they are mini-size trees planted in a pot. They are beautiful and provide a “zen” feeling to the home.

Why I love this product?

✔ Vibrant colors – reds, purples and greens. It is very special because usually the other kits only come with green.

Easy to operate – the seeds are fresh and ready to germinate and grow.

Non-GMO seeds and assembled in the U.S.A.

Comes with manual instruction and also a digital guide for instruction, guides, and tips.

33. HemingWeigh 1 inch Thick Yoga Mat

Self-care is important! A good quality and durable yoga mat is essential for stretching, yoga, or pilate.

Why I love this product?

✔ Over 23 inches wide by 70 inches – no more feet off the mat on the ground as this is long and wide enough for stretching and movement.

✔ Thick High Density 1″ foam cushioning – makes floor workout more comfortable and provide better joint support.

✔ Non-slip and High quality material – won’t fray, rip, or tear.

✔ Easy to carry – the self-strapping system on this yoga mat makes it easy to transport and storage.

34. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

Our feet support our weight, carry us all day, and do all the hard work. They deserved to be pampered!

According to Harvard Medical School, foot massage stimulates your muscles, improves circulation, lessens stiffness and tension, and can eliminate pain.

Why I love this product?

✔ Versatile functions – 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes, heating mode, and bi-directional massage.

✔ Ergonomic design to fit the shape of the foot and breathable fabrics to ensure comfort.

✔ Portable with carry handle and easy to operate – simply start/stop or adjust your machine by touching it with your toe instead of bending down. 

35. Amazon Gift Card in a Gift Box

If you honestly don’t know what to get for the retiree, or you want to give them the flexibility to choose their own gift, an Amazon gift card is an excellent choice. What can’t you get on Amazon?

Why I love this product?

✔ Many gift boxes style to choose from.

Different amounts for selection – bigger amount if you are sharing the cost amongst other coworkers.

I hope the above gift ideas would help you choose a meaningful retirement gift. Please check out here for my previous article on 33 Happy Retirement Gifts for Men.

For other fantastic gift ideas, please check here.