Our Mission

At Giftumi, our mission is to help readers to find the best gifts for their loved ones that would be truly remembered. 

We believe Gift is a Love Language and giving thoughtful gifts helps our readers to speak love and build a better relationship with their loved ones.

We do not take sponsorship fees.  

When you click on the link of the product and make a purchase, sometimes the company you purchase from may provide us a commission. However, it does not affect the price you pay for the product.

Some products we recommend do not earn us any money.   

We always try to maintain a balanced and unbiased view because we believe making the gift receivers happy is more important than anything.  

We only recommend products that we truly believe are suitable for the intended recipients. 

How Do We Review Products

By First Hand Experience

Our Team recommend products they have used personally and regard as good purchase.  We want to recommend the products to our readers so that you can also benefit from the products.

By Going Through User Experience and User Reviews

Our Team talk to family and friends for user experience of any products that we want to recommend to our readers.

Our Team also go through extensive user reviews and try to understand their first hand experience.  Sometimes we would reach out to the users to find out more.  

By Matching Recipients Need With Product Features and Offering

Our Team analyse the product features and offering and match them with the intended recipients’ needs and situation when recommending products.  

For Example, if the intended gift recipients are Frequent Business Travelers, they need to bring something that are light, not space consuming, but yet functional.  We would not select any products that are difficult to bring, complicated to use, and heavy.