35 Fantastic Retirement Gifts for Women

In my previous article, “33 Happy Retirement Gifts for Men”, I talked about retirement is a major change in life. Many people have a mixed feeling – excited but also nervous at the same time. n my previous article, “33 Happy Retirement Gifts for Men”, I talked about retirement is a major change in life. Many people have a mixed feeling – excited but also nervous at the same time…..

33 Happy Retirement Gifts For Men (Part 1)

Retirement is a major change in life. Many people I know have a mixed feeling when they first retired. For some who absolutely hated their job, it was an enormous relief and can’t wait for the new adventure ahead of them. For some who actually loved their job, they could feel lost and anxious. Regardless of how much they look forward to it, retirement can bring both stress and excitement at the same time. I believe we can find new meaning and purpose in any stage of life, including retirement. Retirement life could be both relaxing and purposeful. To me, having a mix of different activities can bring variety into the new life. Read more…

Smart Gifts For Lazy People Series – Part Three: 22 Convenient Home Gadgets

This is the third article of the Smart Gifts for Lazy People Series – Convenient Home Gadgets. To me, lazy people are not really lazy. They are just someone who is smart and wants to save time and effort so that they could spend the time to do things that they truly enjoy. So what makes a good home gadget? It should at least hit one of the below criteria…

Smart Gifts For Lazy People Series – Part Two: 23 Powerful Kitchen Gadgets

This is the second article of the Smart Gifts for Lazy People Series – Kitchen gadgets. If you haven’t seen the first article, 20 Life-Saving Cleaning Gadget, Please check inside our article for the link. I know a lot of people like to cook. However, with a busy schedule, many people rather eat fast food or order in. We know that it’s not healthy and costly. You don’t need to sacrifice your health, though. Smart kitchen gadgets help busy people to cook healthy meals at home with minimal efforts…

Smart Gifts For Lazy People Series – Part One: 20 LifeSaver Cleaning Gadgets

Amongst all chores, I hate cleaning the most. Not sure if anyone resonates with me? Even I have the energy and time, I want to spend it on something I enjoy doing. As a result, I go around finding products would help me clean (myself or my place), to tidy up places, to fix things, to cook faster, to do chores, and any other housework. I love delegation (to a robot, a tool, or a helper)! However, my outsource requirements have to meet the below criteria….

38 Nourishing Gifts For A New Mom (not baby!)

A new mom goes through many changes in her body and her mind. With a newborn, her life is forever changed. She usually feel both excited and nervous at the same time. Often, she focuses on her baby and neglect herself. She may feel she hasn’t done enough. She needs care and support from her family and friends. After giving birth, her body needs recovering, but she also needs to care for her baby. Being a first-time parent, she does not know how to approach many things and problems. She could be stressed out and afraid. She most probably doesn’t have enough sleep or rest as newborns are very demanding! Time is what she doesn’t have. So, what do new moms need the most?

35 Stylish LEGO Home Decor For Every Adult (Part 1 – for Everyone)

LEGO sets are not only for kids, they have become “toys” for adults in recent years. To many adults, they are not just toys but are also collectible items, arts, and decors that should be kept forever. As LEGO discontinues their products from time to time, most of the discontinued items are extremely hard to get in the market. Even if you can get them, they are at a super high price. This Stylist LEGO Home Decor article has two parts: 1) Home decor for everyone and any home size 2) Home decor for bigger home and serious collectors (some sets have over 10000 pieces and are as tall as 4.8 feet and as wide as 4.4 feet and won’t fit my tiny apartment). My selection criteria for “Home decor for Every Adult” are….

25 Inspiring New Beginnings Gifts To Encourage Someone You Care

Every new beginning comes with a bittersweet feeling. You could be nervous and excited at the same time. Whether it is starting a new school, a new job, a new relationship, moving to a new town or country, the person is leaving the “old” behind. If your loved one is having a fresh start, support them as best as you could. Perhaps you should spend more time with them, listen to them, or send them some gifts for encouragement to show them your care.  

25 Essential Products to Increase Home Office Productivity And Prevent Body Pain

Have you heard (prolonged) sitting is the new smoking? Sitting for too long can weaken your large leg and gluteal muscles, cause hip and back pain, gain weight, stiff neck and shoulder, and increase the chance of having many different types of diseases. Since COVID start, many people started to work from home. A lot of companies (big or small) have adopted dynamic working which allows their employee to work from home regularly or even full time. I learned my lesson through lots of pains and many physiotherapy sessions. If you work from home a lot, remember the below tips ….

30 Sincere Apology Gift Ideas to Make Her Smile Again

Have you ever made your girlfriend or wife angry? Sometimes an apology accompanied by a thoughtful gift could help improve the situation (of course it depends on the severity of the situation and issue). In choosing the gift, it is important to pick one that reflects your sincerity and thoughtfulness. You should choose something that she likes, wants, or needs; to show her how special she is; to show how you feel about her; to make her feel comfortable, i.e. to relax, calm, or pamper her; you spend a lot of time and effort to hand make something to demonstrate how she is worth all the hard work and how you truly care about her.