Smart Gifts For Lazy People Series – Part One: 20 LifeSaver Cleaning Gadgets

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My mom used to tell me I am very lazy, especially about housework and chores. She said if I want to be lazy, I should invent products that could save my energy and time. Well, I don’t think I need to invent anything. There are so many products in the world. I just need to find the right products that do the work for me.

Amongst all chores, I hate cleaning the most. Not sure if anyone resonates with me?

Even I have the energy and time, I want to spend it on something I enjoy doing. As a result, I go around finding products would help me clean (myself or my place), to tidy up house, to fix things, to cook faster and better, to do chores, and any other housework.

I love delegation (to a robot, a tool, or a helper)! However, my outsource requirements have to meet the below criteria:

They need to help me:

  • Save time
  • Save energy and effort
  • Be more effective and efficient
  • Solve my problems
  • Deliver better result (than my delivery quality 🤣)

This is the first article of the Smart Gifts for Lazy People Series – Cleaning gadgets. I hope the below products help you or your friends save energy and effort and can maintain a clean and tidy home at the same time.

1. iHave Toothbrush Holders With Toothpaste Dispenser

I once heard toothpaste can cause issues between couples and family members. One spouse prefers to squeeze it from the end of the tube, the other spouse doesn’t care. With this toothpaste dispenser, you could save your time opening the toothpaste, and no worries about whether the way that you squeeze the toothpaste tube would cause a fight 😮‍💨.

Why I love this product?

Signature automatic toothpaste dispenser – easy to squeeze the toothpaste without waste. 

✔ Smart design – the 2 magnetic mouthwash cups are designed with an upside-down drain, dust-proof and waterproof. You can hang 6 toothbrushes simultaneously, which is suitable for the whole family.

✔ Large capacity – 1 tray, 1 storage compartment, and 1 drawer, can store combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, cosmetic, and accessories. Can hang 6 toothbrushes simultaneously.

✔ Easy to mount – the toothbrush holder wall mounted uses a patented non-marking adhesive strip with an excellent caulking effect. Can firmly bonded with wall surface like metal, wood, mirror, ceramic tile, and has good durability in humid environments. The factory wall-mounted test bears a weight of 11 pounds.

2. Waterpik Cordless Pearl Water Flosser

Good water flossers can effectively and efficiently clean your teeth and gum. It is fast and clean. They are very useful in maintaining healthier gum and brighter teeth.

Waterpick is recommended by many dental professionals (my dentist included). It is powerful and gentle at the same time.

They are the first water flosser brand to earn the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of acceptance.

Why I love this product?

360-degree tip rotation – enhanced maneuverability, and it is very easy to hold.

✔ Relatively quiet – as compared to other water flossers.

✔ Comes with 4 tips – I know some family share the flosser but each person use a different tip for hygiene reason.

Short charging time for extensive use – the flosser doesn’t need to be charged all the time. It is good for days after each charge.

Good for international travel – all you need is a travel adaptor.

3. Nagracoola Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Cleaning face with an electric facial cleansing brush is a lot cleaner and more effective.

Why I love this product?

✔ Cleans really well – the brush is made of ultra-hygienic silicone, which is gentle and the cleanse helps to remove 99% of dirt, oil, make-up residue, and dead skin cells.

Do more than just cleaning – one side of the brush cleans and exfoliates, flip to other side to massage, it let her massage in her preferred creams and serums and helps their absorption. It boosts blood circulation and helps her face glow.

Efficient – just 3 minutes is enough for a complete treatment.

✔ Save money – unlike other products, you do not need to replace the brush head from time to time.

4. Electric Feet Callus Removers Rechargeable

Have you ever used a foot scrubber to remove callus from your feet? It is hard, slow, ineffective, and boring. Try this electric feet callus for a fast and effective callus removal.

Why I love this product?

Provides excellent foot care – quickly remove hard skin and calluses, remove cracked, dry and thick skin from your heels, effectively solve the growing bacteria in the gaps, and relieve your foot pain. Also, keep your feet clean, healthy, and smooth.

Waterproof – this smart electric callus remover can match specific types of wet environments to wet and dry feet. So you can do it in a shower or bathtub.

✔ Fast charging – charge 2 hours for continuous 45 minutes use.

All materials are eco-friendly and meet 100 percent natural standards, paraben-free and cruelty-free

5. Secura 17oz Automatic Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser

I love automatic touchless liquid soap dispenser, especially since COVID started. Even your hands are dirty or sticky, you don’t need to worry getting the hand wash pump dirty/sticky and need to wash it afterward. In addition, touch-free operation is a good way to prevent cross-infection.

Simply place your hands under the nozzle and the foam come out automatically. It is so convenient.

Why I love this product?

✔ Reactive Infrared sensor – that reacts fast to your hand, from as far away as 2.75 inches.

Can be wall mounted or placed on a countertop.

✔ The LED Indicator would keep flashing to indicate low batteries.

6. TOTO SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST and EWATER+ Wand Cleaning

50 millions sold, this TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat makes sitting on the toilet a pleasant experience. Comfortable and functional, you don’t even need to wipe your bottom, given it would wash and dry that 🥲. Just sit down and enjoy this all-in-one service 🤣.

Why I love this product?

Optimized wand angle – to prevent splash back. The wand door also conceals the wand when it is not in used to prevent unwanted debris.

✔ Maintain hygiene – there is misting of the toilet bowl before each use, helping prevent waste from adhering to your toilet. The PREMIST function reduces cleaning frequency and creates a more hygienic environment.

✔ Powerful Air Deodorizer – the automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters and effectively cleans the air around the toilet to create a more pleasant experience.

Heated Seat (one of my favorite features, especially in winter) – adjustable temperature settings allow users to create and maintain the perfect level of warmth on the cozy contoured seat.

7. Electric Spin Scrubber – 330rpm Cordless Electric Scrubber

This electric spin scrubber could save your time and effort by at least 50%. No more bending, kneeling, or maintaining any awkward position leading to the hurting of your body cleaning the house.

Why I love this product?

Ergonomic design – adjust the brush head angle to eliminate kneeling and bending. Use the metal extension bar to extend length from 25″ to 45″. This makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places.

✔ Powerful Lithium Battery – charge 3.5 hours for a full 90 minutes with their high capacity 4000 mAh lithium battery.

Could be used in many places like bathrooms, tub, showers, tile, grout, and other surfaces. The special dust duster head could be used for cleaning high places like chandeliers, light fixtures, and ceilings, which are usually hard to reach.

8. Cleaning Sponge Gloves

Cleaning, scrubbing, and protecting your hands in one. How efficient is that?

Why I love this product?

✔ Made from 100% food grade silicone – particularly good for people who are allergic to latex.

✔ Works better than sponge – the scrub over your fingers and palm provide extra surface area to grip and clean your dishes better.

High heat resistant – up to 160 degrees Celsius so you could clean with boiling water.

9. OMAIA 2-in-1 Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

Love this 2-in-1 dish soap dispenser – the sponge tray also serves as a calibrated soap dispenser that makes the washing process convenient.

Why I love this product?

✔ Large dish soap capacity – holds up to 8.5 fl oz of your dish soap of choice so you don’t need to refill too often.

✔ Leak-free – the design ensures there are no leaks, spills,or trails. Simply remove the top layer to empty excess water easily.

Minimize wastage by delivering a fixed amount of soap per pump.

10. BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This Bissell little green multi-purpose portable carpet and upholstery cleaner removes tough spots and stains and could save you a lot of energy, time, and efforts.

Why I love this product?

✔ Strong Spray & Suction – easily remove tough stains on carpet, upholstery, car interiors and more!

Includes a trial size cleaner – that eliminates odors with a bright and refreshing spring scent.

✔ Every purchase saves homeless pets.

11. Tsmine Spin Mop Bucket System Stainless Steel Deluxe 360 Spinning Mop Bucket Floor Cleaning System

This Spin Mop Bucket system saves your back by simply pushing down the handle to spin the mop! Love products that save energy and save my back 😜

Why I love this product?

✔ Stronge spin wringing performance – the mop head wings drier, save time and efforts, and more durable.

✔ Made of 304 stainless steel and PP.

The telescoping handle adjusts up to 61 inch to prevent bending down and hurting your back.

Easy to carry with 2 wheels, 1 retractable pull handle, and 1 carry handle.

12. Cordless Electric Mop

If you think mopping is too much work, consider using a cordless electric mop. It will save you more energy and time. With this powerful dual-motor spinning electric mop, you could hold your phone watching a movie with one hand and hold the mop with another hand 😆.

Why I love this product?

✔ Flexible and adjustable – the electric floor mop with an extendable rod for free length adjusting could be extended up to 48.8 inches and short up to 37 inches to meet different needs. The mop head allows 180° rotated from left to right, 90°rotated for standing and facilitating mopping. Easy to reach different places.

✔ Spray function cleaning and waxing – with the 300ml built-in water tank, you can mop while spraying. Or add wax oil to it to scrub the wooden floor. Perfect scrubber and cleaner for vinyl, tile, hard floor, wood floor, laminate floor, Marble Floor, etc.

✔ Long battery running time – detachable 2550mAh battery of VMAI cordless mop provides a running time of 40-60 mins after only 2.5-3 hours of fast charging and able to quickly clean up to 2150 sq. ft area.

13. eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I hate vacuuming. Not sure what vacuuming and ironing seem to be my most dislike chores. With this robot vacuum cleaner, I could use the time to do something I enjoy while watching “him” in actions!

It is viewed as the best vacuum cleaner recommended by the Wirecutter, Tom’s guide, CNet, and a few others.

Why I love this product?

✔ Powerful, slim, and quiet – only 2.85″thick, powerful suctions, and super quiet with 55db only.

Auto cleaning – set the cleaning schedule and forget about it. It would just work automatically with multi-cleaning modes.

Special features like an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, an infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls.

Automatically recharges – goes back to base and charge up so it’s always ready to clean. I think it’s more reliable than myself sticking to a schedule to clean up 😅.

14. Sophinique Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray

A dirty window blocks your view. However, cleaning window is not a simple task especially you live on high floors. This window clean robot saves time and life (literally, as you don’t need to climb out or stand on a ladder to clean the window).

Why I love this product?

Effective cleaning – with a built-in vacuum motor, the robot sucks air to stand on the glass surface. It is compatible with all types of glass, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling, window and hard-to-reach places.

✔ Automatic water spray – with ultrasonic water spray nozzle (40ml water tank), it save your effort to manually spray water. It cleans your windows more thoroughly.

Control it via remote – auto mode in three directions to clean the entire window automatically.

15. GARDENA 15001-41 SILENO City – Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower

Gardena, found in 1961, is a German company leading in high-quality garden tools and sells in more than 80 countries today.

If you or your gift recipient is like me, absolutely hate mowing the lawn (I used to “moan” the lawn 😆), irritated by the earsplitting sound and the intense smell, you would like this powerful device.

Why I love this product?

Quiet compared to traditional lawn mower – this robot noise level is 57 dbA.

✔ Patented Smart technology – mows yards up to 2700 sq ft with maximum lawn slope of 35% (19°). The boundary wire ensures the robot only mows the areas specified; the collision sensors ensure the robot operates safely and not cause any accident or damage your garden; the Mulching function left behind the small grass clipping to provide moisture retention, protect from the sun, and enrich the soil.

✔ Bluetooth connection – just simply download the Gardena Bluetooth app on your mobile device, pair with the robot, then you can control the little guy.

✔ East Charging – the robot charges itself automatically, normally charging time for 60-75 mins would allow a run time of 65 minutes.

16. Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine

This portable and foldable mini washing machine saves my life during the long holidays. You don’t want to hand wash everything even when you don’t have access to the washing machine or pay too much to get them washed at a hotel.

In addition, experts suggest to wash underwear separately from other clothes to prevent spreading germs. It could alsobe used to wash babies’ clothes too.

Why I love this product?

✔ Lightweight and easy to move around – the mini portable washing machine is 11.22 x 11.22 x 9.76 inches when unfolded and 11.22 x 11.22 x 4.13 inches when folded, suitable for small places or travelling use.

Time and water saving – it takes only about 10 mins to wash the item and use 1/20 water of a normal washing machine.

Made with TPE material which is more resistant to aging, yellowing, high temperature and corrosion.

17. Keledz Microwave Cleaner Angry Mom with Fridge Odor Absorber Cool Mom(2pcs)

Microwave and fridge could be hard to get rid of and the smell is just hard to bear 🤢. This hilarious Angry Moms Odor Absorber can effectively help you remove any effing microwave and fridge odor. This set comes with two characters: Angry Hot Mama for Microwave and Chilly Mama Keeps your Fridge Fresh.

Why I love this product?

The hot steam comes out of Angry Mama’s head will soften and release microwave dirt and stains – just add vinegar and water, then microwave for 7 minutes.

✔ Just put baking soda in the chilly mama to keep your fridge fresh – it eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer.

✔ Made with heat-resistant materials. 

Top rack dishwasher safe.

18. Charmline Smart Cutting Board And Knife Set UV and Ultra Violet Disinfection Holder

I love the UV disinfection and drying function. When chopping boards are wet, it is easy to breed mold. When they are in contact with food, the food will get all the mold 🤢. I don’t think I can ever clean and sanitize a chopping board and knives, as well as what this disinfection holder could do.

Why I love this product?

✔ Warm air drying function: keep cutting boards and knives dry and hygienic.

✔ Comes with 4 cooking boards with different colors for different types of food: fruit and vegetable; meat; cooked food; fish in a partition storage. The chopping boards are easy to clean.

✔ Additional features like – grinding zone to grind and mince ginger and garlic easily; the non-slip design of the pellets is mainly used for meat; “around the sink design” reduce the outflow of water.

19. Cahot UV Light Sanitizer Box

Multifunctional products are time-saver, and essential for lazy people (another way of calling productive people).

This is a UV light sanitizer box, charger, and aromatherapy 3-in-1.

Why I love this product?

✔ Dual 8000 hours dual UV-C light that kills up to 99.9% of germs.

✔ Fit most sizes – any cell phone up to 6.2 inches would fit into the sanitizer box. You can also place your glasses, jewelry, watches, keys, Airpods inside the box to get a complete disinfection.

✔ Aromatherapy function – put a few drops of your favorite essential oil to leave your gadgets with relaxing and calming smell.

✔ Auto-off protection – the UV lamps inside the box will turn off automatically once you open the magnetic switch cover to protect you from ultraviolet light exposure.

20. iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter

Hands free automatic trash can save effort and is very handy when your hands are occupied.

Why I love this product?

✔ Smart sensor – during lid closing, the unique Reflx Technology automatically reopens the lid if it senses you’ve moved your hand back in.

✔ Stop trash odor – the replaceable AbsorbX odor filter absorbs trash odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds which are the natural and common occurring chemicals that cause illness). One Activated Carbon Odor Filter comes with the trash can.

Batteries or AC adapter operated – choose to operate with batteries (not included) or go battery-free with an official iTouchless AC Adapter (sold separately). As only drawing power is needed, the batteries may last up to 3 times longer than those used in other touchless sensor trash cans.

Space-efficient – the bucket-free interior provides 25% greater capacity than similarly sized trash cans.