Top 10 Unforgettable Gifts for LEGO Lovers

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Top 10 Unforgettable Lego Set for Lego lovers Adult

LEGO sets are not only for children, they are also for adults.

During the years, there have been so many LEGO Themes Sets built for adults. Some Classic Lego collections have extremely high resale values, but serious LEGO fans (like me) would never want to sell them. Some LEGO sets are to be kept forever and pass down from generations to generations.

Unfortunately, LEGO retires their building sets from time to time. Once the sets are sold out, you won’t be able to buy them anymore (except from the LEGO collectors and the price could be ridiculously high). So buy them when it is still available.

LEGO Building Sets are also great decorative items. In the recent years, LEGO has decorative arts like Wall art, flowers, and Superheros Figures display, and so many more.

In 2022, LEGO has revealed its most popular LEGO themes: Star Wars, Technics, Lego Icons, City, Harry Potter, and Friends.

Below are my Top 10 LEGO Collections for LEGO Lovers (for adults or older kids who could handle difficult building techniques) where you could still get at LEGO shop or Amazon.

The selection criteria are: 1) Iconic/Classic elements; 2) popularity; 3) cool features; 4) fun factor; 5) Whether they are still available.

I own at least more than half of the items on the list! They are absolutely awesome.

Note: some products are only available at LEGO Shop.



1. LEGO Ideas Vincent Van Gogh – The Starry Night 21333

Who does not know the Starry Night, the masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh?

What’s more creative than combining this masterpiece of art and a LEGO set together to display at your home?

Why I love this product?

✔ A 3D creative version of the Starry Night – LEGO uses innovative building techniques to capture Van Gogh’s swirling brushstrokes to create this wall art which could be free-standing on a cupboard/table or hang up on a wall. Such a clever creation!

✔ The mini Van Gogh figures at work painting the Starry night add another level of creativity into this art. It brilliantly captures the both the painter and the painter.

✔ It is a magnificent gift for LEGO lovers who also appreciate art. This is an everlasting piece that could be passed down from generations to generations.

THEME: Power Up/Ideas

2. LEGO Ideas Grand Piano 21323

Do you know you could actually play with this piano? This is not just a display item.

In my view, this is the most creative and clever items in recent years.

Why I love this product?

✔ Can actually press the key or use their Power Up app to just listen to music via your device.

✔ Amazing authentic details – the hammer action of piano keys are recreated in LEGO style, the lid can be propped up just like on a real grand piano, the dampers and pedal could be moved, and height of the bench is adjustable. OMG – so real !!!

✔ Great for LEGO lover who love music and piano.

THEME: Others

3. LEGO 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar Trainers

Do you have a pair (or more than a pair) of the Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers? They are regarded as one of the coolest and iconic trainers of all time.

They are retiring soon and currently sold out in the LEGO shop! (still have some on Amazon the time I wrote this article).

Why I love this product?

✔ Looks so realistic – the famous shell toe, 3 serrated stripes, Adidas logo on the tongue and other Originals Superstar graphics are all the brilliant authentic details.

✔ The choice to make left or right foot trainer – it comes with an extra bag of LEGO so you could pick the side that you like. How thoughtful!

✔ Package with shoelaces, authentic shoe box – what more can you ask for?

✔ Perfect for display with the stand and plaque.

THEME: Marvels

4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Gauntlet 76191

I have this Lego Marvel Infinity Gauntlet set sitting in my living room and I admire it every time I see it.

This is a great gift for someone who loves LEGO and Marvel! There are many other Marvel characters display to choose from. However, I like this gold Infinity Gauntlet the most!

It looks so well sitting side by side with other Marvel LEGO set, e.g. Nano Gauntlet Iron Man, Venom, Thor’s hammer, etc.

Why I love this product?

✔ Iconic – this golden LEGO brick is a recreation of the Infinity Gauntlet and it looks so realistic and cool.

✔ Complement with other Marvel Super heros displays – It looks so well sitting side by side with other Marvel LEGO set, e.g. Nano Gauntlet Iron Man, Venom, etc. Imagine a row of Marvel display ….. so nice!

Sturdy stand on a descriptive tablet – the color Infinity Stones fit so well on the Gauntlet and it nicely fits on a stand.

Easy to build.

5. LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199

Do not miss this if you or someone you love is an Iron Man Fan.

Put this Iconic Iron Man Art on your wall or shelf. Perfect for decorations.

Why I love this product?

✔ 3-in-1 Model with 3 built options – portrait of the MARK III, the HULKBUSTER MARK I or the MARK LXXXV armored Iron Man suit.

✔ Combine 3 sets to create an ultimate Iron Man art piece (Iron man stretching his arm out to attack).

✔ Therapeutic – calming and relaxing activity to build an amazing art.

THEME: Harry Potter

6. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle was the main building of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is iconic. This LEGO Hogwarts Castle is a replica from the Harry Potter series.

This LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle won the 2019 TOTY (Toy of the year) award.

Relive your favorite scenes from the Harry Potter movie. How can any Harry Potter miss this?

Why I love this product?

✔ Many favorite locations included – towers, turrets, chambers, classrooms, Whomping Willow, Hagrid’s hut and 5 buildable boats, and the dining hall (the staircases are movable)!

✔ Love all the authentic details – turnable Whomping Willow with buildable blue Flying Ford Anglia car, stained glasses in the dining hall, 4 mini figures, and so much more.

✔ Combine with other LEGO Harry Potter Building sets for more creative play.

THEME: Star Wars

7. LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest 75292

To me, the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 is the most iconic LEGO Star Wars set. However, they are sold out and is very hard to get in the market now. Even if you could, the price is ridiculously high!

My next favorite one is the Razor Crest. It is the transport and living quarters for the Mandalorian and the Child when they travel from world to world.

Star Wars Fan could reimagine the Mandalorian scenes with this amazing The Razor Crest LEGO building set.

This set won the 2021 TOTY (Toy of the year) award.

Why I love this product?

✔ Full of details – minifigure cockpit (dual) that fits two minifigures and could be open, escape pod is detachable, spring-load shooters, and many more.

✔ Includes really cool mini figures and weapons – 4 LEGO minifigures: The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and the Child, plus an IG-11 LEGO figure.

✔ Combine with other Lego Star Wars set to create a dynamic scene. LEGO has released more than 800 Star Wars sets since 1999. This is definitely a collection item for the Star War Fans.

Note: stocks only available in LEGO shop at the time I write this article.


8. LEGO Icons Boutique Hotel 10297

LEGO release their Modular Buildings annually since its first launch in 2007.

I started to collect them since 2016. I tried to buy some of the discontinued models in the market, however, I couldn’t get them all because some of them cost more than USD 2K!

Lesson learned – Get them while they are available!

From all the models that I got, I like the Assembly Square (this is supposed to retire this year and is very hard to get in the market now) and this Boutique Hotel the most.

The Boutique Hotel is the celebration set of the 15th anniversary of LEGO’s Modular Building series.

Why I love this product?

✔ Glamorous turn-of-the-century European architecture style – in a triangular shape building with amazing colors and styles of of brick and windows.

✔ The art gallery looks absolutely cool -the little details with the art pieces, painting, and sculpture gave me a lot of fun building them.

✔ Admire the brains behind the creativity of the design– LEGO has been using their creativity to use different LEGO pieces different purpose, e.g. the handcuffs and snakeheads are used in the building’s railings, and many other clever design elements. I was admiring the mind of those genius designers behind the scene during the building of my favorite LEGO set.


9. LEGO Icons Orchid 10311

Do you know how the LEGO Botanical Collection came to life?

It was an apprentice named Astrid who started making bouquets by request of her coworkers’ birthdays or other occasions. The idea later was adopted and the Botanic collection was born.

Why I love this product?

✔ Elegant – Real orchids are very elegant but yet endangered. They could be very expensive. This elegant LEGO Orchid display could be kept forever and environmentally friendly.

✔ Customize your display – similar to real flowers, this Orchid collection let you arrange and adjust the stems, blooms, roots and leaves however best suits your preference.

✔ True-to-life – this Orchid set has a lot of details like pollinia, stigma and labellum (petals) and the special soil is full of surprisingly clever LEGO elements.


10. LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143

I can’t afford a real Ferrai Daytona but can afford a LEGO one!

I am always amazed by LEGO’s designer especially of their attention to details to turn this set into as realistic as possible.

Do not miss this classic LEGO Ferrari Daytona while they are still in the market or you may regret!

Why I love this product?

✔ Built for car lovers especially Ferrari Fans.

✔ Many movable parts – You got to be able to open to see the details behind the design: the roof detaches to turn the car into a targa; or lift the butterfly doors to check out the driver seat console; turn the steerling wheel to see the wheels move!

✔ Branded with authentic Ferrari details – branded with authentic logo and other iconic details, classic red detailing with chrome-painted rims, and more.

✔ The V12 engine is full of details and looks absolutely amazing – with moving pistons.

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